Your 21 Before 2021 Bucket List (and Photo Project)

Your 21 Before 2021 Bucket List (and Photo Project)

The beginning of the year is a time to set goals and plan future adventures. One creative way to plan ahead is to make a bucket list journal that doubles as a fun photo project. All you need is your Canon IVY CLIQ or CLIQ+ to document the moments that matter most, big or small. As you check items off the list, shoot, print, peel and stick your photos on the list itself. That way, you'll have a photo collection to look back on when the calendar flips to 2021.

Maybe this is the year you finally get around to skydiving. Or maybe you volunteer with that non-profit organization you've been following for a while. You could repaint your house or redecorate your living room. What about that safari trip you've been meaning to plan? 

Read on for five easy steps on how to create your photo bucket list. 

Step 1: Get settled. 

Pick a place where you feel inspired. Maybe it’s your favorite local coffee shop, a peaceful spot in nature or your own cozy kitchen. Make a cup of tea or coffee, play some tunes and get comfortable.

Step 2: Brainstorm.

Think of some recent accomplishments that make you proud. Did you take on a home décor project? Did you learn a new language? Consider whether there are any areas of your life that you would like to change or improve. Maybe you've been dreaming of going back to school or switching careers. Or maybe you are thinking about moving to a new city and purchasing a house. What else would you like to accomplish? Write down everything that comes to mind on a sheet of paper.

Step 3: Narrow down your list. 

Narrow the list down. When you’ve compiled at least two dozen things you’d like to do, it’s time to start whittling. Think about the 21 items that you’d most like to focus on between now and 2021. Try and make it a varied list, that involves learning a new skill, traveling to a new location, bonding with new friends, reading a new book or testing a new cuisine.  

Step 4: Print it out.

Print out this custom Canon bucket list. Fill it out with the 21 goals you aim to achieve by 2021. Then, put the list somewhere you can see it and be reminded of what you're working towards. Hang it in your room, pin it to your corkboard or stick it inside your bullet journal.

Step 5: Get going!

Start checking items off your list! There’s no time like the present to start working towards your goals. Take photos of your progress in making your dreams come true. Next to each bucket list item, there’s space to stick the photos you print out on your  Canon IVY CLIQ or CLIQ+. This is your chance to capture all that you’ve accomplished — and show it off with colorful visuals. 

2019 bucket list

21 bucket list ideas

  1. Go on a road trip 
  2. Take a Spanish class
  3. Make a scrapbook 
  4. Carve a pumpkin
  5. Learn to surf
  6. Run a 5K
  7. Meditate once a week
  8. Start a bullet journal
  9. Attend the ballet
  10. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  11. Update your resume
  12. Join or start a book club
  13. Grow a garden 
  14. Swim with sea turtles
  15. Design a website
  16. Make a tie-dye shirt
  17. Start a blog 
  18. Go to a poetry reading 
  19. Watch a foreign film
  20. Have breakfast in bed 
  21. Make sushi 

Remember, these are only a few bucket list ideas. Whatever you write down, this year’s photo-happy bucket list is the start of a new chapter of your life. This time next year, as you begin to think and plan ahead, remember to look back at your photo collection from 2020 with pride.