WiFi Camera: The Best Camera for Travel Photography

Traveling for the Holidays? Why You Need a Wi-Fi Camera

Traveling is all about freedom — whether you're sipping warm, spiced wine in Bordeaux or getting away from the cold in Bali, your mind should be worry-free, focused on absorbing experiences and creating memories. That’s where your camera comes in. With a Wi-Fi-enabled camera like the Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR, capturing and sharing memories becomes a seamless, distraction-free experience. After all, your travel gear should lift you up, not weigh you down. Here's how having a Wi-Fi camera in your backpack streamlines your holiday adventure so you can live in the moment rather than fiddle with your tech.

Pack Light

With the free Camera Connect app, which connects your EOS and PowerShot cameras to your iOS® and Android ™ smartphones and tablets*, you can cut the cable clutter and save space in your bag for something more important (like the perfect souvenir). Took a hundred pictures of the holiday fireworks over Edinburgh Castle? No worries — just transfer them wirelessly from your camera to your smart device.

Share more holiday cheer since the power of Wi-Fi instantly transfers your photos, sharing them on your favorite social networks is as easy as accessing your phone's gallery or camera roll. And if you get a little too caught up in the holiday spirit to remember the details, your GPS data is added to your images automatically. Of course, sharing isn't just for social media. When you're back at the hotel, warm up with a cup of cocoa and review your photos together on the big screen — Canon Wi-Fi cameras wirelessly transfer your images to DNLA-compliant devices like Blu-ray players, smart TVs and even gaming consoles. If you have down time, get a jump on holiday greetings or postcards by printing your best captures wirelessly on a PictBridge-compatible printer.

Get Remote

EOS and PowerShot cameras with built-in Wi-Fi can work with the Camera Connect to turn your smartphone into a wireless camera remote that zooms, focuses, sets a timer and releases your shutter. Throw in a tripod and a zoom lens, and you've officially upped your travel photo game. And if you really want to outsmart your smartphone, set your Wi-Fi-equipped EOS Rebel T7i up for a shot, step into the frame and snap the pic with your phone before pocketing it. It beats selfie sticks any day of the year.