Ways of Giving Thanks

Ways of Giving Thanks

The month of November is all about giving thanks. Also known as Veteran Appreciation Month, November offers plenty of opportunities to honor our nation's veterans, including statewide ceremonies and parades. Of course, there's no better time to express gratitude than on Veterans Day itself, which falls on Monday, November 11. So, don’t wait until Thanksgiving to start giving thanks! Here are some ways to thank a veteran today.

Send a Veterans Day Thank You Letter.

Protecting the country can feel like a thankless job. Members of the military often spend long periods of time away from their homes, close friends and family. Dedicate this Veterans Day to thanking anyone who is serving or has served in the United States Armed Forces by writing a letter to express your gratitude for protecting our freedom. Use your IVY Instant Camera to print out a photo of yourself and stick it to the front of your card. Then, send it to a non-profit organization, such as Operation Gratitude, that will make sure it gets in the hands of a national hero.

Assemble a Care Package.

Care packages are a great way to support our troops by enhancing their morale and well-being. Many non-profits throughout the United States help connect volunteers with deployed troops to assemble and send care packages filled with goodies. Don't forget to personalize your package with homemade artwork or IVY Instant Camera prints!

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Strike a Pose and Send a Photo.

If someone you know is in the service, help keep homesickness at bay by sending them a few personal photos. Snap a selfie on your IVY Instant Camera, or a group shot with the kids. Then, transform your prints into a holiday card your veteran will love! 

Remind Others to Give Thanks.

There are several ways you can encourage others to give thanks to veterans. Reach out to your local Veterans Administration (VA) office and find out what supplies they need, then use social media to solicit donations or contributions from your network. If you have a child in school, consider scheduling a veteran speaker to give a talk to the class (the VA should be able to help out with this). Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website to find out if there are any events coming to your area. If so, consider volunteering, and encourage friends to join in.

Give Thanks During the Holiday Season.

End-of-year holidays can be especially hard for troops. This is the time when giving thanks is of paramount importance, whether that's through a personalized thank you letter, custom greeting card or special care package. Back at home on Thanksgiving Day, start a conversation with friends and family about the impact veterans have made on this country and discuss additional ways to give thanks throughout the rest of Veteran Appreciation Month and the year.