Want to Stand Out For the Spookiest Time of Year? Fire Up Your Printer and Go the DIY Halloween Costume Route

Want to Stand Out For the Spookiest Time of Year? Fire Up Your Printer and Go the DIY Halloween Costume Route

Are you ready to hear the ultimate Halloween horror story? You spend weeks searching for the perfect costume, walk out the door - and someone else is wearing the exact same costume.

Break out the scissors and bring on the creativity with these DIY Halloween decoration ideas for your office.


Want to hear a Halloween story with a happy ending? You and your crafty attitude get online and discover a whole world of DIY costumes you can print at home for you and your family. You put together an awesome get-up and compliments abound - everyone loves a clever costume! Plus, you drastically diminish the odds of running into your dressed-up doppelgänger.

Here are some DIY costume tips and tricks for you, your kids and even your dog, to help get started.

Print Adult Costume Ideas that Make a Statement.

You don't need plaster or latex to make your own costume when you have a PIXMA printer. There are countless options, limited only by your imagination. Some of our favorites include emoji masks and characters, and 3D fruit (for aspiring Carmen Mirandas), and fruit masks.

Last-Minute Kids Costumes

You can print out a wicked witch, princess, gargoyle, bat ninja and others-we're talking the entire costume, along with accessories, such as flags and ninja stars - with custom costumes. And they're all free. On Great Kids Birthday Parties, you can find all kinds of printable masks and accessories that range from flat to foldable and include superheroes, superhero action words ("wham!" "bam"), and crowns options inspired by their favorite cartoons and toys. FirstPallette.com even has tiaras you can print for your little girl wonder.

Pawsitively precious dog costumes

The only creatures that might rival the cuteness of kids on Halloween are pets. Transform your dog into a dino with ease-all you need is a sweater and this spiky spine, which you can print. Transform your pooch into a '90s collectible plush toy by downloading and printing a heart-shaped Ty tag. Or make your own a party hat and transform any animal into a, yes, party animal.

Treat trick-or-treaters with a little DIY flair

Take your mini candy bars to the next level by printing out a batch spooky labels, or put together bags of treats and using Halloween-themed bag toppers or ghost bags. Feeling extra creative? These DIY striped bags turn into monsters and bats with the help of a couple of googly eyes.