Valentines Day Photo Books

Valentines Day Photo Books

While candy and candlelit meals are special on Valentine’s Day, a photo book is truly a gift from the heart. With the hdAlbum EZ, it's easy for you to design your own personalized, professional-grade photo book, filled with favorite memories of you and your special someone. All you have to do is download the Canon hdAlbum EZ app, select a customizable layout and choose your favorite photos from your phone, tablet, social media or the cloud. Before you know it, your hard- or soft-cover bound book (your choice) will be in the works! Need some ideas on how to get started with your one-of-a-kind photo book? Here are some themes your partner will love.

A Book of Firsts

With a new relationship, it’s all about the firsts: the first date, the first kiss, the first “I love you.” Every first is full of giddy excitement, representing a significant milestone in your relationship. That's why it can be fun to relive those memorable moments by flipping through photographs that capture the freshness of new emotions. Go through your photo library and choose all of the firsts you can:

  1. Take a screenshot of the first text message.
  2. Find the first selfie you took together.
  3. Search for shots of the first time you met his/her family or friends.
  4. Search for shots of your first trip together, whether it was a weekend getaway, ski or beach vacation. 
  5. Search for shots of the pet you and your partner co-own. 

Missing a few firsts? Take your camera out to the spot of your first date or the first declaration of your love for each other, and start snapping! Then, get creative and compile all of the photos that make you think about that first time, and create a Valentine's Day keepsake that will last for years. 

Love Through the Seasons

Love looks different in every season. There’s the carefree summer, the cozy fall, the bundled-up winter, the awakenings of spring. Find photos of the two of you throughout the year and organize a photographic narrative through the seasons of your love. Maybe you visited a pumpkin patch and drank pumpkin spiced lattes in the autumn. In the winter, choose your favorite holiday photos (bonus for ugly sweaters and creative snow sculptures!). Look for shots of frisbee in the park or picnics in the spring. In the summer, find your best beach vacation shots—toes in the sand, skin kissed by the sun. Put together, it's a beautiful snapshot of a year spent together, embracing all that the four seasons had to offer. 

Best of Us

Want to really bring a smile to your S.O.’s face? Dedicate a photo album to the two of you at your finest, enjoying the best of best times together. Think back to the most exceptional moments:

  1. Best vacation
  2. Best meal out
  3. Best date night
  4. Best selfie
  5. Best concert
  6. Best day trip
  7. Best holiday photo
  8. Best family visit
  9. Best outdoor adventure
  10. Best overall memory

Choose your favorites and put them together to make the best photo book—and best Valentine’s gift— ever.

Ready to get started? Visit the hdAlbum page and see just how easy it is! Plus, there’s a bonus: designing this special book might be just as fun as receiving it!

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