Surprise Your Loved Ones with Valentine's Day Paper Crafts

Surprise Your Loved Ones with Valentine's Day Paper Crafts

Valentine’s Day should be all about hearts — not dollars. Nothing says “I love you” like homemade Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. This year, we want to help you get extra crafty (and save money), so we’ve created a few handy printables. Learn how to make an origami heart, print your own Valentine’s Day cards or share a 10 Reasons Why I Love You list with your Valentine. All you need is your PIXMA TS9521C printer to spread some love!  

illustration heart.png

The Origami Heart

Envelop your love –– literally –– into this original origami design! You'll just need a 12x12 sheet of paper, our printable folding instructions and your PIXMA TS9521C printer, and you’ll have a DIY gift that your special someone will cherish for years to come. And oh, how sweet it is!

Folding Instructions

  1. Fold your square sheet of paper in half horizontally, taking the left edge over to the right edge. Crease and unfold.
  2. Take the top edge and fold it in half vertically, from top to bottom. Crease and unfold.
  3. Turn the paper over.
  4. Fold the bottom edge up to the horizontal crease. Fold and flip the paper over.
  5. Fold the bottom left corner diagonally into the center so the edge is even with the horizontal crease and fold.
  6. Do the same with the right side and then flip it over.
  7. Take the left side and fold it horizontally so it’s flush with the center. Do the same with the right side.
  8. Fold the top left corner down diagonally so the tip aligns with the middle crease, like a small triangle. Do the same with the right side.
  9. Take the top tip and fold it down to touch the bottom tip, but do not crease.
  10. Now you’ll be able to see that there are two small pockets on the right and left top side. Press down on the lower portion of each pocket to the paper below, but don’t flatten it entirely. It will look like a fox ear.
  11. With your thumb on the bottom of the little ear and forefinger on the top, press the top towards the flat surface it’s sitting on. Then, flatten the interior portion of the pocket — the inner triangle of the ear — and crease. Do the same with the other side. It should now lie flat.
  12. Lift the lower tip of the paper so that it opens. Inside, you’ll see a triangle. Tuck the top portion of the paper into that triangle pocket.
  13. Take the top left corner and fold it diagonally down so it forms a small triangle, aligned with the existing crease. Do the same with the top right corner.
  14. Take the top left point and fold it down so the tip touches the closest crease. Do the same with the right. Now, you should see your origami heart! 

The Printable Valentine’s Day Card 

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards really are the best gift you can give (and get!). Channel your artistic side and create personalized 7x10 cards for all of your friends and family members using your PIXMA TS9521C printer. Or leave the “artsy” to us, and print one of our printable Happy Valentine’s Day cards. There are two designs to choose from –– one for him and one for her! We'll leave it up to you to personalize each card with a message straight from the heart! 

The 10 Reasons Why I Love You List 

While “I love you” is always wonderful to hear, the why of it all is often overlooked. Is it his stellar wit? Is it her contagious laugh or her loving eyes? Personalize this list with 10 reasons why you love your Valentine, and then send it to your PIXMA TS9521C printer so it’s ready to share. It’s not just a touching gift, it’s also a keepsake that your loved one can treasure and look back on years later, after many Valentine’s days have gone by.

Store-bought Valentine’s Day cards and gifts are OK in a pinch. But for gifts from the heart, homemade crafts are always the sweetest way to go!