Valentine’s Day Photography Gift Guide

This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers and candy and give something that’ll make a lasting impression. Whether your sweetheart is a photography expert or a social shutterbug, check out this guide for Valentine’s gift ideas — for him or for her — that will appeal to every type of photographer.

1. PowerShot SX740 HS

Canon PowerShot SX740 HS

If your significant other loves snapping and sharing pics with their smartphone wherever they go, help them take their photos to the next level with the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS. This compact camera fits into a pocket or small purse and is fully loaded with easy-to-use features to help take stunning photos and 4K videos. The flip-up LCD screen makes taking group selfies a snap, and the camera’s 40x optical zoom provides amazing flexibility for capturing wide-angle and telephoto shots — and everything in between. Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity enables quick sharing of fantastic photos of food and friends. Sleek and stylish, the PowerShot SX740 HS is ready for epic concerts, holiday gatherings, and casual date nights.

2. EOS Rebel T7 Double Zoom Lens Kit

EOS Rebel T7 Double Zoom Lens Kit

For your sweetie who dreams of becoming a photographer, give them the opportunity to develop their passion. Simple and easy-to-use, the Canon EOS Rebel T7 Double Zoom Lens Kit has all the essentials they need to learn the basics of DSLR photography. They’ll love that the camera’s foolproof automatic setting lets them take impressive photos and HD videos in virtually any situation. With the EOS Rebel T7’s built-in Wi-Fi, your sweetie can instantly share and print photos — and even use their smartphone to control the camera remotely.

3. IVY Mini Photo Printer

IVY Mini Photo Printer

Turn those cute couple selfies into instant Valentines with peel-and-stick photos from the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer. This portable printer goes anywhere, so you and your valentine can print, customize and trade pics of silly poses and heartfelt moments directly from your smartphone. The IVY Mini Photo Printer prints fun-sized photos that can be used in scrapbooks and decorative displays, stuck onto mirrors or slipped into your wallet.

4. EOS M50 Kit

Canon EOS M50 Kit

For your better half who spends every moment of vacation behind the camera, encourage them to see the world beyond the viewfinder with the compact Canon EOS M50 Kit. This powerful camera is fast and user-friendly, and its adjustable LCD screen will ensure your partner will never miss a moment of your action-packed adventures together. The powerful, stylish EOS M50 easily goes from day to night, taking breathtaking photos and 4K videos of vibrant sunrises, illuminating fireworks, and every romantic scene in between.

5. EOS R Camera

twilight sunset

If your beloved is in a committed relationship with an old school camera, treat them to a serious upgrade with the Canon EOS R Camera. This robust camera system will quickly win them over with its speed, versatility and sophisticated features. The EOS R Camera works especially well in low-light environments, so your favorite photographer can have fun taking high-energy action shots at rock concerts and time-lapse videos of vast starry skies with crisp, stunning results. They’ll also love using the EOS R Camera’s built-in Wi-Fi to freely compose, capture and share images on the camera via their smartphone.

A new camera or a mini photo printer is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. It will let you join your partner as a model or muse and share in the joy of capturing a lifetime of memories that you can look back on together.