Turn Your Home into a Winter Wonderland With These Hanging Paper Decorations

Turn Your Home into a Winter Wonderland With These Hanging Paper Decorations

Decking the halls during the holiday season can get pretty pricey, but fortunately, ‘tis the season to get crafty. With these four, easy-to-create DIY hanging paper decorations, you can save some décor dough and use your PIXMA printer to make your season both merry and bright.

Paper Trees

When it's frozen solid outside, paper can help bring the beauty of nature inside - just check out what Craftaholics Anonymous did with these fun 3D trees. Begin by printing out two copies of the free template (which you can get in a dotted, diagonal stripe, or thick striped pattern) on card stock. Then cut out the triangles and glue them, back-to-back, together. Slice the marked slit on both trees and slide the pieces together to create the three-dimensional tree, then suspend from a window with a piece of ribbon or make a mini forest on a display table.

Cascading Tinsel

A hanging cascade of paper bells, flowers, trees and ornaments make a great backdrop for the holiday season. Print a pattern or tiled design on a few sheets of paper, then cut out wintry shapes like trees and snowflakes. Curl the edges of the paper around a pencil to add some dimension. Thread twine through an embroidery needle and use it to string the paper cut-outs onto the string. Then simply tie each cascading design from a discarded tree branch and mount it on the wall, or simply suspend the tinsel, one strand at a time, from the ceiling.

Snowflake Mobile

Even if there's no snow on the ground, you can still bring the unique beauty of snowflakes into your home with a snowflake mobile. Begin by printing some fun, wintry patterns onto paper, then trim the page into a square. Fold the page diagonally a few times until you have a thin triangle, and cut bits from the edges to form the snowflake's pattern. Unfold each to reveal the design, then suspend them from a hoop or a bent wire hanger with thread and tape.

Winter Spirals

Whether it's dressing up the house for the holidays or simply festooning the walls with some seasonal fun, these spirals will add some texture and dimension to your décor. Begin with a square piece of paper - print some seasonal patterns on it first to jazz up your finished design. Fold it in half diagonally, corner to corner, then in half once again in the opposite direction to form a triangle. Slice three straight lines, about a half inch apart, from one of the triangle's short sides to about an inch from the other short side. Open and flatten the sheet once more. Working from the inside out, tape the ends of each newly cut triangle together, curving each in the opposite direction to create a spiraling design. Once you've secured all of the edges, suspend from a ribbon.

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