Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, chances are you are looking forward to a day of flavorful feasting and family festivities. You're probably also dreading the laundry list of things you have to do to prepare. Besides the elaborate lunch or dinner menu, you may be planning to organize games and activities to keep your guests entertained throughout the day.

If you're hosting a large group, it's likely to get hectic in the kitchen, which is why we've put together a list of ways to keep your kids engaged during your busy preparations. While you cook up a storm, why not have them put on a Thanksgiving-themed puppet show or stage a play for you and your guests? To get started, fire up your PIXMA TS9520 printer and prep all of the printable props your kids might need for an afternoon of fun. With our crafty tips and printable Thanksgiving characters and costumes you can be sure to keep your stress level low for this year's big gathering. 


Thanksgiving Puppet Show

From turkeys to scarecrows, the traditional Thanksgiving characters to create and animate are endless. Design and draw your own puppets by hand, or use your PIXMA TS9520 printer to print out our Thanksgiving puppet printables  onto matte paper. Cut your puppets out and glue them to colorful popsicle sticks. Consider prepping your puppets a day or two before the 22nd, so your little ones can start rehearsing as soon as your guests show up. Perfect for kids of all ages, a Thanksgiving-themed puppet show is a great way to keep their creative juices flowing and their imaginations running wild. 

Thanksgiving Play

Your kids have probably learned all about the Pilgrims and Native Americans in school. Have them show off their acting skills and bring the story of Thanksgiving to life with festive DIY costumes. Pull together a costume in minutes with your PIXMA TS9520 printer and our Pilgrim hat and shoe buckle printables. Throw a patterned apron or smock into the mix for an even more authentic Thanksgiving look.

And for your little Native American? Craft a DIY chief headband out of paper, beads and yarn. Our printable feathers  will add an extra dash of color to your headpiece. As for the play itself, leave the script and stage direction up to your kids - who knows? You may even be surprised by how much more they know about the holiday than you do! 


Coloring Corner

When all else fails, coloring is always a great way to keep your kids happily entertained. Instead of their usual coloring books, why not set them up with Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages - and plenty of markers and crayons, of course! Pumpkins, corn stalks, squash, apple pies and cornucopias are all timeless Thanksgiving images. If you're crammed for time,  print out a few copies of this giant color-by-number Thanksgiving turkey  using your PIXMA TS9520 printer. Your kids can team up on one print-out, or each tackle their own. Either way, they'll have a blast coloring - and you'll have plenty of decorations to display at next year's Thanksgiving party!