Take Your Best Selfie on National Selfie Day

Take Your Best Selfie on National Selfie Day

It's just about time to break out the selfie stick because June 21 is National Selfie Day! OK, OK, so maybe every day feels like National Selfie Day. But, crazy as it seems, the whole selfie phenomenon — let’s call it the “modern” selfie — is a fairly recent one. In fact, the word wasn’t added to the Oxford dictionary until 2013. Fast forward to the present and selfies are everywhere you turn — from your camera roll to your Instagram feed.

On June 21, the selfie will have its moment, as people around the world snap and share their best shots. The pressure’s on to stand out from the competition. Luckily, we’re here to help you take a better selfie. Follow our selfie advice to rack up dozens of likes.

Get the Latest Tools of the Trade Your selfie is only as good as the technology you use to take it, so make sure you have a device as cool and fun as you are, like the Canon IVY Instant Camera and Mini Photo Printer. The new IVY CLIQ and CLIQ each come in three original colors to choose from, and have built-in selfie mirrors so you can see exactly what your selfie will look like before you snap your pic — no surprise s!

What's more, once you shoot and print your 2” x 3” or 2” x 2” photo, you can stick it on just about anything — your notebook, refrigerator or even the forehead of your best friend!

National Selfie Day

Strike a Pose

Remember the days of the bathroom mirror selfie? Those are so 2013. Thank goodness technology has since improved, so you don’t have to fumble around to take great shots, nor do you have to ask a stranger to take your photo. But you do have to be more creative than ever if you want to stand out. On National Selfie Day, have fun playing around with a few different poses. When you're happy with your shots, print them out and stick them somewhere you're sure to come across. Here are some ideas to try out:

  1. Get artsy. Find a bright, colorful mural in your neighborhood and take a selfie in front of it.
  2. Think local. Help out one of your favorite, locally-owned small businesses by taking a selfie there and tagging the business in your post. Tell your followers why you love it and why they should check it out.
  3. Be a do-gooder. Selfies don’t necessarily have to be all about you. Take a shot of yourself volunteering in your community, for instance. Then, write up a short post about your experience to inspire others.
  4. Make a selfie collage. No need to limit yourself to one selfie! Take a series of shots of yourself doing something — playing with makeup, trying on different outfits, experimenting with hairdos — and then bring the shots all together in a selfie collage. Shoot, print and stick!
  5. Pets and kids for the win. Cute always gets clicks. By adding something or someone cute to your selfie — maybe it’s your newborn baby or your furry pup — you win the selfie game. Add in an element of whimsical surprise (a cat in a hat?) and you're really onto something.
  6. Take advantage of technology. One of the best things about the Canon IVY CLIQ s the app, which lets you take your photos to the next level. Play with the live camera effects to add bursts of color and flair to your selfies. Add frames and word art to your pic to honor National Selfie Day, and encourage your followers to get in on the action. And, of course, have fun with filters, stickers and themes in the app to create a selfie with some serious thumb-stopping appeal.
  7. Gather your whole crew in the shot. Your selfie doesn't necessarily have to be up close and personal. With the Canon Mini Print App you can get your whole crew in the shot. Find a safe spot to set down your IVY CLIQ + , round up your BFFs and then press the app’s shutter button to shoot and print a photo.

This National Selfie Day, dedicate yourself to taking a better selfie. Make sure there’s proper lighting. Give a go at a genuine smile. Have fun with filters. And remember this: when it comes to selfies, it’s a numbers game. Let yourself get snap-happy and carried away and you’re bound to find your best selfie.