Take Charge of Tax Season With Your Canon MAXIFY Printer


When it comes to filing your taxes, the only way to get ahead of the game is to get organized. That might mean filing a year's worth of paper clutter into more manageable chunks so it's easier to locate specific data. Or it might mean creating hard copies of documents from online sources to file in your household records. In either case, your Canon MAXIFY Printer will make it easier to manage the tax season's inherent chaos and help take the headache out of getting organized before filing.

Customize Your Supplies

Sometimes the simplest embellishments can make the biggest difference in your ability to organize. The Canon MAXIFY Printer is compatible with a variety of paper stocks and supplies. Having a hard time finding specific documents because they're all filed in the same basic folder? Print custom tabs and use them to separate documents into categories so it's easier to locate what you need quickly. Are your eyes bored with all the black and white numbers and letters? Create a colorful cover sheet using the word processor on your computer, then print and use it as a slipcover for your storage binder.

Create Physical Copies

Whether you're gathering materials to hand over to your accountant or prepping your yearly accounting report yourself, your Canon MAXIFY Printer will help get your physical files in order. When your taxes are done, print a hard copy of the filings to save with your household records. The printer's high ink yields and high-quality printing ensure your documents are crisp and readable, and the MAXIFY's large paper capacity means you're not refilling the tray every few print jobs. Duplicating documents and copying originals is equally easy using the device's copier function.

Go Paperless

The scanning functionality on the Canon MAXIFY Printer will give your tax preparation an even bigger efficiency boost. With it, you can create electronic versions of all of the tax documents and accounting paperwork that accumulates — like the monthly invoices and the business receipts littering your office drawers and empty shoeboxes. Use the MAXIFY's single pass duplex function, which allows you to scan (or copy, for that matter) two-sided documents simultaneously at the push of a button. Save the scanned files to your computer or tablet in folders so they're easy to find (and so you're not stuck rifling through piles of papers) while you're completing your taxes. And to make things even easier to use come tax time, save the scans using file names that clearly label the document's purpose and applicable month.

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