Spice Up Your Space: Guide to Customized Wall Design

Spice Up Your Space: Guide to Customized Wall Design

Your walls are a blank canvas, but that doesn't mean your only option is to paint them a solid color. Usually, incorporating wall design means multiple trips to the hardware store and waiting in line to speak with the person at the paint counter. But this time around, you've got a personal painting assistant sitting right on your desk: Your PIXMA printer.

Start with Swatches

Your PIXMA printer might not be able to paint your walls for you, but it's your secret weapon when it comes to coordinating customization. Every successful paint job starts with swatches, and getting them is a snap when you don't have to leave the house. Whether you're browsing digital swatches online or using your smartphone to snap a photo of that perfect sea-green accent wall in a magazine, your PIXMA printer's ChromaLife 100/100+ technology plus the combo of dye ink and genuine matte photo media ensures color accuracy.

To help your vision along, send that sea-green snapshot to your PIXMA printer wirelessly via the Canon Print App, then take your colors for a test drive. Tape your pro-quality swatches to the wall, looking at them at different times of day to get a feel for varied lighting conditions, and holding them up against your existing furniture and decor. Liberal use of swatches is the key to helping you get a real-world look at your most imaginative color combos.

Stencil in Your Style

Choosing a color is just the beginning of your wall-customizing journey. A vivid accent wall is one thing, but personalized, hand-painted designs — from a fleur de lis to geometric shapes — is a whole different story. And the good news is, you don't have to be a seasoned artist to make wall art. Your PIXMA printer has your back.

To create DIY wall stencils that are as easy as layering on a coat of paint, first find a pattern that makes you fall in love. Now just print it on Inkjet-compatible double-matte mylar sheets from your local craft store, and carefully cut out the designs using a craft knife. Before long, you'll have sturdy, reusable stencils to customize your walls (or even table tops, ceilings, or furniture finds). Large-format PIXMA printers like the PRO-100 and iP8720 are ideal for printing big, bold stencils used for eye-catching wall murals.

Go Big

Paint isn't the only way to make your walls a personal expression — an oversized tiled photo mural elevates the space from plain to powerful. Choose a single, high-quality digital image that you want to blow up to wall size — black-and-white architecture images really pop on white walls, for instance — then use photo editing software such as Photoshop to make your photo square-shaped. If you don’t have Photoshop or aren’t familiar with using it, open the standard photo-editing software that comes with your PC or Mac. Next, increase the size and heighten the resolution of the photo by setting the dots per inch (dpi) to 300. Once your photo reaches the size you want, use the rule or grid line tool of your software to divide the picture into squares, then print each square to 8.5 x 11-inch semi-gloss photo paper. Divide a large matte board into squares using washi tape, then cut out each photo with a craft knife and glue them to the board, like a big tiled puzzle. Use the same craft knife to cut around the tape and make photo board squares. Finally, mount them to the wall with a bit of space around each tile for an instant art installation.

If you'd prefer more compact and colorful wall decor, use your PIXMA MG7720 printer to create poster-sized photo prints and make floating frames by applying colorful or patterned washi tape directly to the wall.


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