5 Simple Ways to Get Ready for Spring

5 Simple Ways to Get Ready for Spring

Spring is in the air, and with it, new beginnings and fresh starts. But before you can introduce anything new into your life, why not clean out some of the old? Spring cleaning, spring crafting and spring project preparation — we’ve got all kinds of ideas to help you get a jumpstart on the season, with a little creativity, some trusty printer products and a variety of  artsy printables.

Make a spring cleaning checklist.

Organization is key to an unwavering commitment to cleanliness! Figure out the tasks that you and your family need to do this month, and type them up. Print out your document or use this  printable spring cleaning checklist and stick it to your fridge with Magnetic Photo Paper MG-101. Keep a marker handy to cross items off as you make your way down the list. That way, you can see how far you’ve come, while also having a daily reminder of what’s left to do. 

Get organized.

Decluttering is an absolute must before a deep spring cleaning. No need to take a trip to the nearest big-box store to stock up on organizational tools. You can make them yourself with items lying around the house. Round up any spare boxes, milk crates and mason jars and decide what items belong in each. Then, design your own tags to assign to categories, such as “Stationery,” “Office Supplies,” “Kitchen Miscellany” and others using RP-101 Restickable Photo Paper. With bright, fun labels to guide you, you’re more likely to want to stay organized. Spring cleaning could be habit forming!

Hold a yard sale (or stoop sale) to lighten your load.

It’s a win-win scenario — your trash becomes someone else’s treasure. Plus, you’re keeping it out of the landfills and making a buck in the process. Of course, the key to a successful sale is marketing. Create an inviting flyer for your yard sale, garage sale or stoop sale that includes the date, address and time of the sale. Then, print out a dozen of your custom signs using your PIXMA G4210 MegaTank (with the large ink tank, you won’t have to worry about running out of ink!) and post them all around the surrounding blocks to advertise the sale. While you’re at it, print out a bunch of colorful price labels, too, with  Restickable Photo Paper. If you're short on time, print out our printable yard sale sign and start stickering!

Print out cards for upcoming celebrations.

Think back to years past and how time becomes a blur when the weather starts warming up. Use the early spring days to get ahead on tasks you know will become difficult to keep up with later on in the season. If you know you’ll be throwing a birthday party or shower, print out the invitations on your PIXMA TS9521C Crafter’s All-in-One printer so they’re ready and waiting for the big day. Want to reconnect with friends after a long winter? We’ve created a blank  spring-themed greeting card  destined to brighten a pal’s day. Print out a stack of them so they’re at arm’s length when you’re ready to start writing.

Bring the outside in — with flowers.

Fill your house with the colorful sights of spring by placing flowers everywhere! Collect them from the garden, visit your local florist or — our favorite — get the kids to join you in crafting DIY paper flowers that will last all season long. Just print out our paper flower templates using Magnetic Photo Paper MG-101, and you’ll be able to instantly liven up any metallic surface — doors, refrigerators, washers and dryers — with the beautiful colors of spring. This spring craft for kids would also make a great gift idea for teachers and grandparents, or for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

We believe that decluttering the house can help declutter the mind. Give winter a proper send-off and welcome the spring by tidying up your home. The rest will follow!