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Rayo S1
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Pocket-sized projector

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The Canon Rayo S1 is a pocket-sized projector that opens up possibilities at the office and at home. Have an impromptu meeting at the office and share documents by projecting them onto the wall, without the need for a computer. Run to a colleague's desk and share a presentation. Pair the Rayo S1 with your smartphone via built-in Bluetooth®* for a hands-free conference call. After work, relax and watch movies with the family. Scroll through photos or videos on your bedroom ceiling. Using the built-in Wi-Fi®** and Smart Touch Pad, surf the web for all to see. It's even an impressive Bluetooth®* speaker for your playlists and can charge your mobile device when power is needed. With the Rayo S1, the beauty isn't just about what you can do, it's where.

Rayo S1 Brochure

* Bluetooth® and Projector mode cannot be used together. During a Bluetooth® connection, the quality of communication can vary depending on the connected device or environment. The company is not responsible for any problems resulting from loss, blocking, or misuse of data transmitted or received by using the Bluetooth® function. If there is an interfering object between devices that transmits and receives data, the effective network connectivity range can decrease. It may be incompatible with some devices, including devices not certified by Bluetooth® SIG (Special Interest Group). Do not use the Bluetooth® function for illegal activities (illegal copying, air transmission, or transmission for profits and etc.). The company is not liable for any problems resulting from these actions.

** The applications running and other operations on the smart device can delay the transmission speed during a wireless connection. The performance of the wireless connection can vary depending on the OS type of your smart device and the wireless environment of your manufacturer. With "SoftAP" mounted, a wireless connection for mirroring can occur within an external router. Before using the DLNA, make sure that a wireless supported smart device or laptop has a DLNA supported application or media players installed. For more details, see the user guide of your device. For smart devices running on Android™ OS, Android™ OS 4.2.2 or later is required to set up a mirroring connection. For iOS® devices, iOS® 8.0 or later is required to use the sharing function. When you set up a mirroring connection from a Windows computer, specifications for graphics, wireless LAN, hardware, and software of Windows® 8.1 or later are required. At a DLNA-based wireless connection, the Internet connection of the smart device will use a 3G/4G connection. When you play a video from the middle after setting up a wireless connection to a smart device, buffering may occur depending on the type of a player on the device. So, make sure to play from videos from the beginning. When you change the wireless connection mode (Bluetooth® or Projector), make sure to end the connection with the device and check for the availability of connection before switching the mode. The quality of the wireless connection can vary depending on the device and the access environment.

*** Compatible with iOS® versions 9.3/10.3/11.2, Android™ smartphone and tablet versions 4.4/5.0/5.1/6.0/7.0/7.1/8.0/8.1. Data charges may apply with the download of the free Canon Camera Connect app. This app helps enable you to upload images to social media services. Please note that image files may contain personally identifiable information that may implicate privacy laws. Canon disclaims and has no responsibility for your use of such images. Canon does not obtain, collect or use such images or any information included in such images through this app.