Play This Photo Game With Your Canon IVY

Play This Photo Game With Your Canon IVY

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Even so, the power of a well-crafted caption should not be underestimated. That's why we came up with "Caption This," one of our favorite games to play at home. Start by printing out a selection of never-before-seen photos on your Canon IVY CLIQ or CLIQ+. Then, challenge your friends to write out an original caption for every image. You decide which captions resonate the most. The players who write the winning captions get to take their pictures home!

Ready to play? Here’s how.

Invite your friends to play along

Invite your friends to play along.

If you’re planning a party, let your friends know ahead of time that a fun photo game lies in store. The game involves creating clever captions, so they should be sure to bring their creative thinking caps! Before your friends arrive, pick anywhere between 10 and 20 photos and print them out on your Canon IVY CLIQ or CLIQ+ (the more photos, the merrier!). Then, shuffle the photos and place them in a neat stack, face down.

When your friends arrive, have a stack of paper and a few pens handy so that every player has something to write their captions on. Sticky notes work great, but you can also use printer paper, notebook paper or even scrap paper for this game.  


Choose the person who will go first. He or she will draw a photo from the top of the stack of photos and turn it over for all to see.

Now it’s time to get creative! Everyone except for the person who drew the initial card must write down a caption for the photo at hand. It can be funny, thoughtful or ironic – it’s up to you. Set a timer for 60 seconds, and when the alarm goes off, everyone has to put their pens down and place their caption in the middle of the table.  

The best caption wins.

The person who chose the photo now gets to choose their favorite caption. He or she reads each of the captions aloud, and then decides which caption fits the photo best. The person who wrote the winning caption gets to keep the photo.

Moving clockwise around the table, the next person now turns over a photo, and the game continues. Keep playing until you’ve used all of the photos.

And the winner is…

Maybe she's the funniest at the table. It could be that he's the mind reader of the group. Or maybe she's just lucky. Whatever it is, the person who has the biggest stack of photos wins! The photos act as their own prize.  

Every photo tells a story. By playing a fun photo game with your Canon IVY CLIQ or CLIQ+, you and your friends have the unique opportunity to bring you stories to life. "Caption This" is also one of our favorite family games to play at home, so try it out with mom and dad, too! Once the game is over, consult our Educational Articles for other DIY photo projects you might enjoy!