Photo 101: How to Take Great Photos

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Ready to turn ordinary snapshots into remarkable photographs? Let Canon expert Rudy Winston take you beyond the basics with plenty of easy-to-follow tips.

Whether you're just getting started or you've taken pictures for years, Rudy's professional advice is designed to help you improve your photos right now:

  • Begin by learning how to "see like a photographer."
  • Discover the importance of subject, background, lighting, timing and composition.
  • Understand some common challenges, such as how to freeze fast-moving subjects.
  • Learn how to view light the way a camera does, and discover the importance of shadows.

It's never been easier to develop as a photographer. Whether you're using a smartphone, a point-and-shoot, or an advanced DSLR, this class will help you take much better pictures.

  • Introduction (2:00)
  • What Makes a Picture "Good"? (3:06)
  • Common Challenges (7:08)
  • Learn to "See" Light (6:40)
  • The Magic of Shadows (4:40)
  • Keys to Better Composition (8:53)
  • Surroundings, Backgrounds & Distractions (5:53)
  • Improve Your Timing (7:05)
  • Technology & Technique (9:30)
  • Wrap-Up (4:48)

Rudy Winston

Rudy Winston

Before joining Canon USA, Rudy enjoyed an extensive career as a freelance photographer, including professional sports photography. Two decades of hands-on experience with nearly every Canon EOS camera and lens has made Rudy a go-to technical expert for amateurs and pros alike.