Organize Your Christmas Cards Into a DIY Display

Organize Your Christmas Cards Into a DIY Display

Holiday cards aren't just for seasonal greetings - between the lines, they say, "We're thinking about you, and we want you to know it." It's a warm feeling, and it's one that you just have to share. But when it comes time to display all those Christmas cards, you don't have to stick to the usual cards-taped-to-the-mantle tradition. With the all-in-one PIXMA printer family, your Christmas cards can make the transition from warm reminders to holiday centerpieces.

Elegant Card Branches

You've already got that other tree taken care of, but this one's a much lighter workload. Place some willow tree branches in a tall, transparent vase - both are affordable craft store staples - and wait for your holiday cards to roll in. Print the digital cards right from your smartphone on glossy photo paper, then cut them out and pop a hole in them with a hole punch.

Simple Washi Stairs

The holidays are a time for shopping sprees, so no one can frown on you if you go a little crazy on your washi tape binge. This trendy Japanese craft tape lends itself to year-round projects, but pair it with a bit of double-sided tape and you have all you need for a eye-popping card display.

To make a nice festive base, just wrap your staircase's banisters and railings with the most festive washi tape you can get your hands on - the more color the better, and sparkles are always welcome. As the digital and physical cards come in, give them washi tape borders and stick them to the railing with double-sided tape. Pretty soon, you'll find yourself with a huge collage on your hands (or, rather, your stairs).

Plus, this project's easy enough to include even the littlest elves, which makes it the perfect DIY distraction for when Santa has to go wrap some presents.

Expert Level: The Paper Wreath

If you've already aced the photo garlands and upcycled window frame picture displays, it might be time to give a handmade paper wreath a try.

Start with Lia Griffith's instructions and printable PDF template for a spider mum wreath, which uses a combination of metallic paper cut into leaf shapes and paper flower crafts in the shape of mums - a versatile design that works from Thanksgiving through the new year. For a more ornate touch, substitute the metallic paper for paisley patterns printed on matte paper.

As Christmas approaches and your mailbox and inbox fill with cards, use decorative brass clips to hang the PIXMA-printed greetings from the wreath's leaves. This paper craft doesn't just beautify your space, it lets your loved ones know how much you appreciate them by putting their holiday cards front and center. And you can't get much warmer than that.


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