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Order Status Terms

  • Backorders

    If an item is on backorder, you can place an order although the item is not in stock. Once your order is received and confirmed and we receive inventory, the product will be shipped to your delivery address. If any of the items you have ordered are on backorder status, you will be notified through a Backorder Notification e-mail as well as in the Shipment Confirmation e-mail, both sent to the email address you used to create a Canon Account or to place your order. If your order includes more than one item, and one or more of the items you ordered is on backorder status it will be noted in the Shipment Confirmation email. Once your order is received and confirmed and your backordered item ships, your payment will be processed.

    If your order includes one or more items that are in stock and one or more items that are on "backorder" status, select your shipping preference during the checkout process:

    • Full Shipment: Wait for all items to be available before shipping.
    • Partial Shipment: Ship available items now and ship each backordered item as it becomes available. Note: Additional shipping and handling charges may apply.

    Once your order is warehoused(order has been sent to our warehouse), you cannot make any changes to the order. All shipments are subject to our Return Policy.

  • Cancelled Orders

    If you believe that your order has been cancelled in error or you have questions regarding this status, please call our Customer Support team toll-free at 1-800-385-2155, from 8:00am - Midnight ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

  • Notify Me

    • The "Notify Me" button displays for select currently unavailable products that the Canon Online Store expects to have in stock in the near future.
    • Once the Canon Online Store receives stock of an item, if you selected the "Notify Me" option, you will receive an automated email notification sent to the email address you used to create a Canon Account or to place your order (the "Product Availability Notification") letting you know that the item is now available and you can place your order.
    • Product Availability Notification emails do not guarantee price or item availability at the time you place your order.

  • Pending Shipment

    Your order has been sent to our warehouse but has not yet shipped. Once your order is warehoused (order has been sent to our warehouse), you cannot make any changes to the order.

  • Pre-Orders

    • If a pre-order button is available for an item, you can place an order for it before we have it in stock. This allows you to reserve new items before they are available to ship. Your credit/debit card will not be charged when you place a pre-order. The transaction will be processed once the order ships.
    • The estimated ship date that appears in the Order Receipt email is the approximate date that we expect to receive the pre-ordered item at our warehouse. This date is not a guarantee of shipment. All pre-order ship dates are approximate and are subject to change without notice.
    • Orders that include pre-order items will ship in full once we receive stock of each item in our warehouse. In stock items ordered with the pre-ordered products will ship when the pre-ordered item is available. If you would like to receive in-stock items before pre-order products are available to ship, you will need to place separate orders.
    • In some cases, there may be an unanticipated delay in the arrival of items due to unforeseeable circumstances. If a pre-order item is delayed, we will update the estimated ship date to reflect that change and notify you of the new estimated ship date via an email sent to the email address you used to create a Canon Account or to place your order.

  • Shipped Orders

    Your order has been picked up by the carrier and is on its way to you. To view the tracking number for the shipment, click on the order number link from your Shipment Confirmation email or on the Orders page in Canon Account.