5 Office Organization Ideas to Start the New Year in DIY Style

5 Office Organization Ideas to Start the New Year in DIY Style

The new year is the perfect time to get organized and start fresh, and where better to begin than in your office? Your office should be a sacred space where you develop creative ideas, devise projects and, of course, plan all the ways you’re going to make a difference in the world.

This year, as the calendar prepares to change over, get rid of the old and make space for the new with a budget-friendly DIY office makeover. No need to make a run to the store! We have office décor ideas for printable organizers, DIY calendars, motivational wall art and much more  With the help of your PIXMA G4210 MegaTank printer, you can breeze through these office organization projects — and your work assignments — without worrying about running out of ink. It’s a bountiful way to start the year off right.

Print Your Own Office Wall Organizer

Pockets are the ultimate storage compartment, perfect for storing small items you don't want to lose. Did you know that you can print your own paper pockets? Download this template  and create as many pockets as you need to keep your space neat and orderly. You can use tape or adhesive stickers to place a pocket on a wall or on a computer monitor to organize cords. Or, you can mount a few of the pockets on a corkboard or poster board and fill them with small, commonly misplaced objects, such as USB flash drives, the key to your desk drawer, receipts, paperclips and stamps. While you're at it, print out stickers on your Canon IVY printer so you know exactly where to find the items you’re storing.  

Create Your Own Wall Calendar

Digital calendars are great, but there’s a catch — you have to remember to click or log into them to know what lies ahead. An office wall calendar, however, can always be in your sight, so there’s no excuse for missing out on the important dates in your life. At a glance, you can see birthdays, holidays, appointments, deadlines, family gatherings and more. No need to order one online. Print out copy after copy of this template on your PIXMA G4210 MegaTank, without worrying about quickly running out of ink.

Recycle Jars Into Organizers

Rather than putting all of your used jars in the recycling bin, re-purpose them in your office. Use them to hold pens and pencils, pushpins, spare change and various other office knickknacks. For a burst of color, fill a jar with fresh flowers or a stalk of curling green bamboo. Then, call on your creativity to add an element of style. You can print out stickers on your Canon IVY printer, or cover the jars in wrapping paper or paint. For a more minimalist office, feel free to keep them as they are: clean and translucent.

Print Your Own Motivational Office Art

Sometimes, we all need a little heartfelt reminder that we’ve got this. Print out your own “You got this!” office wall art and display it next to your calendar. Then, when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed and wondering if you can make that next deadline or finish that next project, you’ll know just where to look for a message of reassurance. Take a deep breath and say it to yourself — you got this. 

Stay On Top of Tasks With a Printable To-Do List

Print out a whole stack of these To Do” lists for the home and for the office on your PIXMA G4210 printer so they’re at the ready. Then, grab a pen from one of your handy mason jar organizers and make note of everything you need to accomplish. You can make different lists for work, friends, family, home and other categories that make sense for your needs. You may find that having all the to-do items listed in one place can help relieve stress (you won’t have that nagging “am I forgetting something?” feeling). And there is something so incredibly satisfying about physically checking off items as you make your way down the list.

When your office is organized, you can feel more relaxed and productive. Use your downtime over the holidays to set yourself up for success in 2019. With the PIXMA G4210 MegaTank printer, you can count on having enough ink whenever inspiration hits.