7 Mother's Day Crafts Kids Can Do

Having your children craft their own Mother’s Day gift is a special way of saying “I love you.” It’s personalized, thoughtful, and shows they took the time and effort to show how much they love and appreciate mom. Cards, flowers, coupons—you can make them all yourself with just a little time (and a printer).

Here are some free printable Mother’s Day crafts for kids that show mom her little ones worked hard to celebrate her special day.

Print Your Own Mother’s Day Card

No need to make a trip to the store to find the perfect card when you can print your own—like a sweet one that says “home is where your mom is” (awwww!). Want one that really pops? Print the template for an adorable pop-up card for mom that you can color yourself.

Give her a “Mom Lib”

Remember mad libs? They still exist, and your kids will have as much fun filling in the blanks as you did! Download these mom-themed free printables and start thinking of the right adjectives, nouns, and verbs to fit the Mother’s Day narrative.

Decorate Your Own Vase

Add some sweet memories to a floral bouquet by creating your own vase. Print your favorite photos (black and white look great), attach them to a tin can or a jar using Mod Podge, tie on a ribbon, fill it with flowers, (see below for paper flower instructions) and voila! A vase that’s worth at least 1,000 words.

Color Your Own Flowers

No need to call the florist—you can print your own beautiful (free) flowers for mom! Just download this free template and decorate the petals with her favorite colors. 

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Wrap

Add a personal decorative touch by printing your own gift wrap for mom’s present. Simple yet charming, this pink “Ma, Mom, Mama, Mum, Mommy” paper lets her know you put some extra love (and craftiness) into her gift.

Get Your Spa On

If mom doesn’t have time to schedule a spa day, bring the spa day to her  with a DIY Pedicure in a Jar. All you need is a mason jar, some pedicure supplies (such as a nail file, toe separators, and polish), and a printable pedicure label. Let the pampering begin!

Design Coupons that Don’t Expire

Think about what mom really needs. Maybe it’s folding laundry, a car wash, breakfast in bed, or even a hug. Print out these colorful coupons (or create your own), and your thoughtful gift will bring a smile that lasts well beyond Mother’s Day.

Store-bought gifts are nice, but moms really cherish gifts that were made just for them. Show your love by creating something straight from the heart.