Make Your Own Postcard in 5 Easy Steps

Festive Photo Ideas For The Holiday Season

You can stop spinning those postcard racks at the gas station, trying to decide between all-too-generic illustrations. Instead, we invite you to make your own DIY postcards, using your own photos! To get started, you just need Canon’s 7x10 double-sided matte photo paper. Each piece of paper will actually make two custom postcards — all you have to do is cut along the crease, print, address, stamp* and send! 

Need some photo ideas to help you get started with your first set of postcards? Read on for some different themes to consider throughout the year.

Canon Post Cards

Your travels

Maybe you forgot to send photos from your latest trip. The good news is, it’s not too late! Scroll through your photos and pick out your favorites to turn into postcards. Better yet, surprise your travel companions and send them a postcard to remind them of the good times abroad. Come up with a clever message to write across the photo, such as “Paradise found!” or "Ahoy there!"


Your hometown

We all know there’s no place like home. Share a bit of home with your friends by taking photos of some of your favorite spots around town: your local bookshop, coffee shop, farmers market or newsstand. Once printed, personalize your photos with a tender message, such as “Home sweet home!” 

Your family

There's no reason to wait for the holidays to send out a family photo! Why not turn a photo of your family into an evergreen DIY postcard, fitting for any special occasion — from birthdays to anniversaries. Family photo postcards also work as sweet reminders of your love and appreciation. Who wouldn't like to receive a postcard... just because? 

Canon Post Cards


Have fun with this one! Play with different filters and come up with a shot that’s sure to inspire laughter, whether you’re taking the photo at home or while you’re on the road. Write the name of the city, the date or even an inside joke across the front of the card, print it out on Canon printer paper and add a personal note to the back. Then, drop it in the mailbox to brighten someone’s day.  


Pets make excellent models for personalized postcard art. Get as creative as you want on this one. Break out the sunglasses, the outfits, the hats and wigs and spend a little time dressing up your pooch (or, if you’re brave, your cat). Then, send the postcard out to all the pet lovers in your life.

There’s a beautiful simplicity to postcards. The art on the front should convey a sense of place or mood, along with a lighthearted message. And when you make your own postcards using double-sided matte paper and your own photos, personalization is all the more meaningful.  

*Note: with this size, you’ll want to use a first-class stamp, because it’s a little bit larger than a traditional postcard. Alternatively, if you want to save money by using a postcard stamp, you can simply trim each half of the Canon matte photo paper  after printing so it’s between 3.5 and 4.25 inches high and between 5 and 6 inches long, per the United States Postal Service’s guidelines.