LX-MU700 Projector

LX-MU700 Projector
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LX-MU700 (U)

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The LX-MU700 Projector brings high brightness images, efficiency and reliability to large venues in business, higher education, houses of worship and more. This model utilizes a dual lamp system to achieve a high brightness of 7500 Lumens, while also enhancing reliability by helping to minimize projector downtime - which is a key factor for units installed in areas that may be challenging to access. Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, combined with WUXGA (1920 x 1200) high resolution and a high contrast ratio of up to 2100:1*, helps ensure accurate color reproduction over a large projection area.
Installation Convenience
Installation is highly flexible as the LX-MU700 is compatible with eight different lenses, ranging from Ultra Wide Zoom to Ultra Long Zoom, allowing this model to be installed virtually anywhere. All lenses can be quickly installed and then removed with the simple push of a release button. For enhanced installation flexibility, the LX-MU700 also offers motorized lens shift which makes it possible to adjust the vertical and horizontal positioning of the projected image, as well as motorized zoom and focus all of which can all be easily adjusted using the included remote control. Additionally, the projector’s lens memory function can be used to store up to 10 different presets with each preset storing multiple settings including lens shift, zoom and focal length.
Enhance Content (Color or Brightness)
Two interchangeable color wheels are included with the projector allowing users to optimize the content being displayed. One color wheel prioritizes brightness to achieve the full 7500 lumens*+ that is possible with both lamps on simultaneously. This brightness priority wheel makes charts, graphs and text appear sharp, clear and bright. The second color wheel prioritizes color accuracy for rich colors with great balance of mid-tones, making it ideal for projecting highly detailed design plans in a corporate boardroom or displaying full-color artwork in an advertising presentation.
Versatile Connectivity
Connections are comprehensive including HDMI, DVI, 5BNC, DisplayPort, RJ-45 and more, as well as a built-in HDBaseT™ receiver for transmitting video, audio and control over one single Ethernet cable. For even more control, the LX-MU700 is compatible with Crestron, AMX, Extron devices as well as PJLink™.
Simplified Maintenance and Peace of Mind
Smartly-designed, the LX-MU700 allows users to easily replace the air filters and lamps without the need to uninstall the projector from most ceiling mounted positions. The LX-MU700 is backed by the Canon 3-Year Projector and Lamp Limited Warranty (120 day lamp coverage), and the company’s award-winning Professional Service & Support which includes a 3-Year Advanced Warranty Service Exchange Program and a Service Loaner Program.
* *When using Dual Lamps, Standard Zoom Lens LX-IL03ST, 6 Segment-BRT color wheel and Lamp Mode is Normal.


  1. When using Dual Lamps, Standard Zoom Lens LX-IL03ST, 6 Segment-BRT color wheel and Lamp Mode is Normal.
  2. Calculated value for 100" image.
  3. Calculated value for 80" image.
  4. Indicates focus ability range in this chart. Optical feature guaranteed range is: 50–300 in.
  5. The maximum upward shift and the maximum horizontal shift cannot be used simultaneously.
  6. Tilting greater than ±15 degrees may decrease lamp life. If the projector is installed at a tilt angle, it is recommended to replace the lamp once it reaches a 50% life span.
  7. Lens LX-IL01UW permits up/down movement by 0–50%, and left/right movement by ±6.7%.
  8. Lens LX-IL07WF does not support lens shifting.
  9. Available image modes vary to some extent depending on the selected input signal and setting.
  10. Once the cable supplied with the screen has been connected, the screen will automatically be adjusted whenever the aspect is changed.
  11. Actual time varies depending on installation environment and usage conditions.