Keep Their Crafts Forever: 3 Ways to Turn Your Child's Art into a Keepsake

Keep Their Crafts Forever: 3 Ways to Turn Your Child's Art into a Keepsake

Childhood is a fleeting thing. No matter how much you want the cute little laughs and comfy cuddles to last forever, your kids will become teens before you know it. On the other hand, art is forever - even when the medium is crayons, macaroni or fruit-scented markers. Here are three ways your PIXMA printer can help turn your child's doodles into timeless treasures.

1. Crayon Drawings or Modern Art?

Crayon Drawings or Modern Art?

Think about it: Between the wild colors, crazy lines and boundless imagination, your kid's little masterpieces have a lot in common with modern art. Embrace that with an abstract photo montage.

If you've got a few particularly colorful pieces in mind, print out photos of the artwork in borderless letter size on a PIXMA printer like the MG7720, which lets colors soar with an expanded gamut. Now wrap an upcycled wood board in heavy paper and divvy off irregular triangular sections with craft tape. Use a craft knife to cut out the sections, then fill them in with matching portions of your kid's art, gluing them back to the corresponding sections of the board. The result? A stunning collage that just might get mistaken for high art.

2. A Key(chain) to Your Heart

A Key(chain) to Your Heart

There's nothing like seeing the world through a child's eyes, especially when their loving portraits look like mini Picassos. Kids definitely think outside of the box, so don't let your printing crafts settle for 2D.

Use Inkjet-printable, shrink-plastic paper (you can nab it at the craft store) to print your favorite stick figures or animal sketches - the photos will shrink, so print them about three times bigger than you want your keychain to be. Punch a hole near the top and bake the photo per the paper's instructions with wax paper on a cookie sheet. In a few minutes, you'll have a foam-like 3D keychain to remind you of your favorite person every time you open the door.

3. The Catch-All Scrapbook

The Catch-All Scrapbook

If you want to keep your little one's creations all in one place, a tabbed scrapbook is your ticket to keeping track of your budding artist's entire repertoire. For a DIY adventure that seems almost too easy, print oversized photos of your favorite keepsakes on semi-gloss photo paper, use a multi-hole punch on their edges, and trim them down to fit into a blank spiral-style scrapbook. It's like having a whole book of splash pages, and your PIXMA printer's combo of deep blacks and enriched magentas makes sure those memories won't fade.

Give your crafty compilation the perfect finishing touch with washi tape tabs, made from vivid (and super trendy) Japanese craft tape. Now you've got all those memories in your hands, just as bright as the day they were made.


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