Invigorate Your Home Office With an Inspirational Quote Wall

Invigorate Your Home Office With an Inspirational Quote Wall

Think about the words "home" and "office." Look at them side-by-side, nestled all cozy next to each other. "Home" and "office" - they're friends, they co-exist. And their closeness sends a message: your office shouldn't just feel like a workplace, it should feel like a home.

For many, a comfy office boosts productivity, but the way it makes you feel is even more important. Looking up from your computer screen to a wall of spirit-lifting quotes packs even more punch than the boldest cup of coffee. To start building your own quote wall, just add a little DIY to the equation.

To Theme or Not to Theme

Before you commit to printing, think up a vision for your wall - you might choose to collect quotes that fall under a thematic umbrella. If you're an at-home entrepreneur who needs inspiration of the motivational variety, focus on go-getting quotes. If you're a designer, look for quotes that boost creativity, or remind you that your work and your passion don't have to be separate.

Maybe you're not connected to one particular theme - a hodgepodge is alright, too. You can't predict when inspiration will strike, so go ahead and freewheel it. The next time you come across a quote that hits home, take advantage of your Canon PIXMA printer's Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint or Canon PRINT app options to print right from your mobile device. All it takes is one great quote to get that wall started.

Font Matters

It's not just about what the words say, but how the words themselves look too - that's where font choice comes in. Times New Roman projects stability and practicality, while Courier New and Franklin Gothic lend your letters a more masculine edge. For a clean look, Helvetica or Futura fit the bill. Rockwell, on the other hand, makes a bold point while keeping it classy. To make things cohesive, stick to two or three fonts for your wall (unless you prefer a carefully cluttered Boho look, of course).

Windows to the World

Framing your work is your window to quote-based enlightenment. Treat each quote like a work of art, choosing frames that suit the vibe. Frames extend the printed piece within - if you've got a bright, uplifting quote, surround it with gold; if you're citing a poet or philosopher, go with rustic wood. Black or metal frames around black-and-white prints project minimalism and austerity, while a rainbow spectrum of frames give your quote wall a kinetic and carefree sense of fun.

Intimate Inspirations

While it's tempting to quote celebrities and political figures, some of the most inspiring words come from the people you love. Whether it's your mom's sage advice or an inside joke from your beau guaranteed to make you grin, act in the moment to personalize your quote wall. Snap a quick Instagram photo and use a text overlay app to put the words to a face, then send the results straight from Instagram to your Canon PIXMA Printer with the Canon PRINT App. Now, you haven't just captured the moment, you've immortalized the inspiration.

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