Intro to Macro and Close-Up Photography

Intro to Macro and Close-Up Photography
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Intro Macro Course

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Course for amateur to advanced photographers

This course is for amateur photographers who are comfortable with their camera and want to experiment with a unique, up-close perspective.

Life's tiniest details — they're all around us. From flower petals to water droplets, learn how to capture beautiful macro and close-up images with Canon Technical Advisor and instructor Eric Stoner. Through hands-on instruction and fun photography setups, you'll discover how to magnify everyday items, including coins, jewelry, candy, and other miniature subjects. This intro series will inspire you to uncover tiny intricacies in creative and eye-catching ways. Join Eric as he helps you:

  • Distinguish the differences between macro and close-up photography
  • Determine which lenses and accessories will work best for your needs
  • Experiment with your camera's manual controls, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Work with different light sources to make your subjects pop
  • Transform ordinary household items into easy, do-it-yourself macro setups

With expert tips and visual examples, you'll learn how to explore and photograph details that are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Lessons (Overall running time: 57:42)
  • Introduction (0:39)
  • Elements of Macro (4:54)
  • Macro Lenses and Other Essentials (6:00)
  • Setting Up for Macro (7:39)
  • Easy Lighting Techniques for Macro (3:43)
  • Creating Art: From Average to Extraordinary (2:23)
  • Simple Setups: Single Flower (4:49)
  • Simple Setups: Water Reflections (1:59)
  • Simple Setups: Getting Creative with Candy (3:40)
  • Simple Setups: Kiwi Slice (5:36)
  • Simple Setups: Butterfly Wings (0:08:15)
  • Simple Setups: Jewelry (5:41)
  • Wrap Up (2:24)

Instructor Bio

Eric Stoner

Eric Stoner

With a photography career spanning more than 30 years, Eric Stoner is a Technical Advisor at Canon USA, working closely with members of his team to develop and enhance Canon's live education programs. Known for his relaxed, down-to-earth teaching style, Eric is regularly called upon to lead photographic seminars, inspiring photographers to get the most out of their Canon gear.