Going Stir Crazy? Try These Indoor Activities for Kids

Turn off the TV and take back the tablet: we’ve got some creative indoor activities that your kids will love! Science experiments, cooking projects, games, puzzles, coloring pages—read on, because they’re all here.

The best part? You can print them all at home with your Canon PIXMA printer

Indoor Activities for Kids

Immerse your little Einstein in science by introducing her or him to fun experiments, like Rubber Egg. Print out the instructions and watch: with just a little vinegar, a hardboiled egg will transform before your very eyes! Need some help around the house? Enlist the kids by assigning them a meal to cook each week. Print out a few recipes the whole family can make, like Mini Pepper Pizzas and Apple Juice Chicken, and let the chef’s magic begin. Does your child love to read? Demonstrate how books come together by printing them out on your own printer and then cutting, folding, and coloring. More than a dozen “Free Little Books” are available for download through the site Nellie Edge.


Printable Games for Kids

Remember the game “Memory,” where you uncovered and matched identical images? You can print your own memory-inspired game at home-- just choose a theme, such as leaves, words, bugs, and even popsicles. For a more action-packed activity, keep the kids occupied by looking for colors and shapes within your home or on the road with this scavenger hunt for shapes. Print out the card and have them check off items as they go. If you’re feeling extra crafty, have the little ones help you create these printable paper rosettes to award the winner. 

Printable Puzzles for Kids

Word teasers, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, Sudoku—the site Puzzles to Print has every puzzle you’ll need to keep your clever kids occupied. Pick your favorites and print a stack of them out—they’re free! Prefer to get a little lost? Maze lovers of all skill levels can expect to experience hours of fun with the labyrinth-like puzzles on Krazydad.com. Choose from hundreds of mazes shaped like cats, dinosaurs, ducks and more, aimed at children ages 4 and up. There’s even a “super tough” section with challenges for parents to work through.

Printable Coloring Pages 

It’s time for a coloring party! Fisher-Price has created reams of printable coloring pages that feature kid-friendly themes ranging from educational options to seasonal and holiday favorites. If your little ones are a bit older, head over to National Geographic Kids, where there are printable animal coloring pages galore, with bull sharks, giraffes, blue whales, bottlenose dolphins, and other creatures. Coloring pages are not only for kids, check out Color with Canon, that encourages everyone (including parents!) to join the fun and unleash their imagination. 


You and the kids may not feel like venturing outside until spring, but that’s ok. With a little imagination—and the right printer—there’s plenty to do indoors.