Vlogging Tips:
How to Create a Successful Vlog

Vlogging Tips: How to Create a Successful Vlog

Dreaming of going viral on social media? Grab your camera and take center stage! Whether you’re an experienced YouTuber or just starting out, fuel your creativity — and gain more social media followers — with our top 10 vlogging tips and tricks:


Evaluate your needs. Do you lead an active, adventure-driven lifestyle or do you prefer vlogging from the comfort of your own home? Before purchasing new equipment or upgrading your current gear, carefully consider the camera or lens that’s best-suited for your vlogging needs. Shop our vlogging cameras >


Follow your passion. Brainstorm a vlog theme that pairs well with your passion — and stick to it. You’ll earn more views, likes and followers when you speak about a topic or perspective you’re passionate about.


Switch up your vlog styles. It’s said that variety is the spice of life — and this advice holds true for vloggers. Keep your channel fresh and engaging by experimenting with a few different styles of content, including how-to videos, product reviews, Q&A sessions and more.


Invest in a prime lens. If you plan to shoot stationary, sit-down videos, invest in a lens that handles well in low-light situations. Prime lenses, such as the EF 35mm f/2 IS USM, typically have large maximum apertures, allowing for sharp image quality and background blur. Shop our best lens for video >


Position yourself or your subject near natural light. Don’t have the funds to upgrade your lens or lighting equipment just yet? Keep your subjects illuminated by filming in areas of natural light.


Reduce camera shake. Avoid blurry footage by utilizing your camera’s image stabilization (IS) settings. Reduce camera shake even further by investing in a tripod or monopod to hold your gear securely in place.


Capture your creativity in slow motion. Interested in filming your subjects in slo-mo? Look for cameras with video capture rates of up to 120 frames per second (fps). Shop our best slow motion vlogging cameras >


Experiment with your camera’s vari-angle screen. Whether you’re recording a beauty tutorial or highlighting a recent shopping haul, a vari-angle screen comes in handy when filming vlog content. Simply flip the LCD monitor up or to the side of your camera to easily view yourself on the screen.


Amp up your volume with a microphone. It comes as no surprise that vloggers rely heavily on high-quality sound. Boost your vlog’s audio levels by searching for a camera that’s equipped with an external mic input, allowing microphones such as the RODE® VideoMic GO™ to connect with your gear. Shop our video creator kits >


Incorporate SEO best practices. Before uploading your videos, it’s a wise idea to conduct thorough keyword research first. You’ll score a better chance at ranking higher in search engine results by incorporating relevant keywords into your video titles, tags and descriptions.