Cinco de Mayo: How to Plan a Fantastic Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo—or May 5th—is a day of celebration for many Mexican and Mexican-American families. It’s the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla in 1862, which was an unexpected win for Mexico over France during the Franco-Mexican War. Over the years, in cities across America as well as in some parts of Mexico, the holiday has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture consisting of dancing, fiestas, music and plenty of comida deliciosa (delicious food). If you’re planning a Cinco de Mayo party, be sure and print out decorations, recipes, and party favors to make the day memorable. Here's how: 

Cinco de Mayo decorations

Spruce up your home and yard with crafty decorations that pay tribute to Mexican heritage. Have your kids join in on the fun by coloring these printable coloring pages. Create your own hanging perforated paper (papel picado) by printing out a stencil and then cutting intricate designs in the paper, or opt for a printable “Fiesta” banner. Stock up on colorful tissue paper to create bold flowers you can hang around the house or hand out to your guests.  

Cinco de Mayo favors and recipe cards

Thank your guests for coming to your Cinco de Mayo fiesta by sending them home with something to remember, such as a small gift or a sweet snack (like these Mexican Wedding Cookies). Pack the items into these colorful Fiesta Favor bags and place them by the door for guests to take as they leave. And don’t forget to share your recipes! Choose a fun recipe card and print out plenty of your favorites in advance to send home with your guests. Be sure and keep a few recipe cards for yourself, too. That way, you can pull them out next Cinco de Mayo and get the party started once again. Click on the recipe card below to download our printable Cinco de Mayo themed printable.