Further Than a Frame: How to Make Your Photography Look Like a Work of Art

work of art

Artful photography starts with composition. If you know how to fill a frame, understand the rule of thirds and can use lead lines to draw your viewers' eyes, you're off to a good start.

When it's time to transition your photos from digital snaps to gallery-worthy objects, send them straight from your smartphone to a Wi-Fi enabled PIXMA printers. Then, follow these tips and tricks to help make your walls into mini-museums.

Embrace Filters and Frame Styles

One of the beauties of Wi-Fi-enabled printing via the Canon Print app is that you can remove the computer from the situation — just shoot, edit and send right from your smart device. Let's hone in on that "editing" bit.

With a free downloadable app like Prisma, you can actually choose the style of your favorite artist and instantly convert your photo to a work that convincingly mimics a painting. When it does come time to frame your instant art, mind the colors that your editing app has brought to the forefront. Thick, unfinished wood frames go well with earthy tones, but don't be afraid to create contrast by pairing a black-and-white with a bold red or neon green frame.

Stickers (Because Kids Love Stickers)

Stickers are a fail-safe prize for kids, so it's a good thing making them is just about one of the easiest craft projects for PIXMA printers to pull off. Just grab some glossy, inkjet-compatible sticker paper and you're off to the races. Print multiple images on a single page, cut them to shape, and get ready to put them in eager hands.

To really make this DIY prize work, you've got to give it a collectible aspect. Is your child obsessed with insects? Fashion? Dogs? Play to their passions by creating a complete series of stickers, so that there's never a repeat. Here are some kid-friendly designs to try. Hand out a sticker as a trophy for repeated tasks, like doing chores or using a new word. The "gotta collect 'em all" attitude might just lead to some breakthroughs.

Online, you can use a free app like Pixlr Express to add a myriad of effects and overlays to your work. Try adding a geometric overlay to an architecture or landscape photo and create a borderless, large-format print with PIXMA crafting printers like the MG7720 or iP8720. Go frameless by creating a patterned border with easy-to-use (and easy-to-change) washi tape for a colorful, modern creation.

Fantastic Fliers

Art Without Borders Ready to take that collage concept to the next level? These ideas might be your cup of tea if you prefer bold and modern to shabby chic. By filling a wall with a series of large-format, album-cover-like prints on borderless canvas, you have limitless backdrop options. Start with a canvas that matches the size of your photo, like 8.5x11 or 13x19. By changing the settings on your PIXMA printer, print the photo in reverse so it will transfer onto the canvas correctly. Cover the photo in a thick coat of photo transfer medium, which you can pick up at the local craft store. Place the image face down on the canvas for 24 hours, then gently remove the photo backing by rubbing it down with a clean, wet sponge. This method gives the photo a stylishly faded look once it's transferred to the canvas. When you’ve finished transferring all the photos you want to display onto canvas, mount the canvases to form patterns on the wall. The trick to making the finished product look like art is to insert a few pieces that aren't photography, like a bright, solid-colored tile or bold pattern. Once the whole series is mounted, step back and enjoy your work — you've just turned your space into an art installation.


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