How to Make a Pregnancy Scrapbook

How to Make a Pregnancy Scrapbook

The memories you make with your new baby begin long before you give birth, and a pregnancy scrapbook can be a great way to preserve those brief beautiful moments. Instead of a typical photo album, your scrapbook can hold thoughts, snapshots, mementos and other bits and pieces — from the moment you learn you’re expecting to the day you bring that bundle of joy home.

What Do You Need?

A store-bought pregnancy journal is fine if your focus is simply recording prenatal appointment numbers or inserting an ultrasound pic or two, but a scrapbook created from scratch will give you a lot more creative leeway. Look for a blank scrapbook or binder with removable pages, and invest in acid-free paper, since it won’t deteriorate over time. Don’t forget the photo paper — you don’t want to miss a shot of your growing baby bump!

Get Started!

There’s no better place to start than at the beginning, so begin by gluing your pregnancy test results (or a photo of them) onto the first page. Jot down a note or two about your pre-pregnancy life — where you lived, what you did, how you spent your free time — and be sure to include some photos of yourself and your partner. Have a fun story about how you broke the news to family? Find an inspirational quote about pregnancy, a favorite song lyric or a magazine clipping? Include it!

Keep Adding to Your Scrapbook

You can spend an hour here and there designing pages, or simply collect a box of mementos throughout your pregnancy and add everything all at once. Just be sure to keep collecting memories as you go so you have plenty of content to add to your scrapbook. Take a new belly shot every week so you can marvel at how quickly your baby grew. Keep record of foods you crave and symptoms you feel. Snap a pic of your favorite maternity wear. Haven’t chosen a name? Jot a few ideas down so your little one will know how many possibilities there were before you settled on the right one.

Helpful Tools

Scrapbooking is all about creativity, but sometimes you can’t achieve the designs you want without the right tools. That’s why blogger Craftaholics Anonymous has come up with a list of scrapbooking necessities to help get your creative juices flowing. Craft tweezers, for example, can be helpful to place tiny pieces of paper or embellishments on the page. And a paper trimmer or rotary cutter can be valuable when measuring and cutting straight lines in your card stock or fabric. Even something as simple as a double-tipped Sharpie marker can prove indispensable for creating doodles and labeling scrapbook additions.

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