How to Create an Inspirational Gallery Wall

How to Create an Inspirational Gallery Wall

Let’s face it: blank walls are boring. So why not personalize your space by creating unique galleries throughout your home? Don’t just display your photos, prints, paintings and other artwork in your main living spaces. Think outside the box and find some overlooked spots where you can create a gallery wall, including over your nightstand, by the entryway or even in the kitchen.

You can be matchy-matchy with colors or themes or mix it up and do an eclectic grouping of different sizes, shapes and images. Think about your personal style and let your gallery reflect your mood, favorite color palette or even the season.

The best thing about these collections is that you don’t have to spend big bucks on fancy artwork. Create high-quality prints and photographs instantly right from your home printer. Experiment with high gloss, semi-glossy or matte photo paper to see what works best.

How to Create an Inspirational Gallery Wall

Here are some gallery wall ideas to get you started: 

Plan Your Layout

Before you hammer your first nail, you want to see how the collection is going to look once hung. One way to do this is to lay out your framed prints on the floor to see the entire collection grouped together. Move things around until you get it right.

Or do a trial run right on the wall. Cut out craft paper the same size as each frame and position it in place with removable painter’s tape. You can safely test out different layouts without making any holes.

Keep in mind that most galleries install art with the center of the piece at eye level. Uniform spacing also helps create a cohesive feel. But there’s no reason you can’t throw caution to the wind and do it your own way.

Experiment with Themes

You can hang groups of pictures with a similar theme – all botanicals for example – or for a more eye-catching display, put some family photos next to scenic prints and adjacent to personalized art. Showcase an oversized focal frame with smaller ones around it. How about a triptych with one large print divided into three identical frames side-by-side? Go for a minimal look on one wall with just a few special pieces or go wild and cover an entire wall with your collection. The sky – and your creativity –  is the limit.

How to Create an Inspirational Gallery Wall

Don’t Be Afraid to Refresh Your Theme   

If you’re looking to refresh a room in your house, swapping out your wall hangings is a lot easier and more cost-effective than buying a new set of furniture. Each season you can switch your art collection around for a new look that updates the whole room in an afternoon. Start by printing out some new photos and prints.

Look for free graphics to print at home all over the Internet or purchase some on Etsy or other creative sites. Make collages of your favorite photos at Or frame your favorite lyrics or inspirational sayings in different fonts. 

Showcase the season’s color theme with new pre-cut mats to add some consistency to your collection. Then add pops of that same color throughout the room with a few coordinating throw pillows, rugs or other accents. Or have a do-over for the holidays. Choose a winter theme for your gallery before Christmas and swap it out again with more a summery, beach vibe as you head into the warmer months. You can always temporarily change what you frame and then go back to your original hangings if you want. 

Get the kids involved

Maybe it’s time for a kids’ only gallery in the den or over the kitchen table. Make an online collage of their original artwork, print and hang for a one-of-a-kind display that’s all theirs. What could be cuter than a series of drawings of the family as seen through your child’s eyes.








How to Create an Inspirational Gallery Wall