Housewarming How-To: Debut Your New Home With This Easy DIY Décor

HouseWarming How-To: Debut Your New Home With This Easy DIY Décor

A house is just a house, but what makes it a home is warmth - that distinctly cozy vibe you get every time you open the front door. Housewarming parties start the nesting process off right, but even just after move-in, you'll want your friends and family to experience the personal touch that makes it distinctly your home. Rather than a routine trip to the party store, try a bit of ingenuity and a touch of pixie dust to bring a little magic to your housewarming decor. Then again, a dash of PIXMA printer dust does the trick just fine, too.

Inspirational Invites

Think of the invitation as the carefully plated appetizer that'll leave guests hankering for the entrée. You can use the invitation to imply the theme of your housewarming party, or simply to convey a bit about what makes your new place unique.

Go custom with your invites using PIXMA printer-friendly matte greeting cards instead of plain paper. Print the party details onto the cards (about five-to-eight color pages per minute with a PIXMA printer), then make the invites pop with a crafty touch. Glue on a bit of fringy crepe paper if you're having a fiesta theme, or use a hole punch and some ribbon to weave a connect-the-dots style image (like a house or a flower) onto the cover for a more generic design.

Deck Out the Halls

Hallways often get the short end of the stick when it comes to home décor, but especially if your new home has an entrance hall, they can leave a big first impression on visitors. The addition of a runner rug, a little greenery, or an interesting lighting fixture accented by high-quality photo prints from your PIXMA printer goes a low way in transforming these spaces from "standard" to "striking."

Make a bold statement with a few high-resolution 13" x 19" photos staggered along the wall and framed to match your home's accent colors. Family photos are always a safe bet (that includes pics of furry family), but feel free to stretch your horizons and frame a few of your favorite art prints, landscapes or floral photos. Or show off your own experiments in still life or street photography, which are sure to inspire some colorful party talk.

Party with Photo Booth Props

Once you've populated your new nest with friends, family, and DIY decor, you'll want to immortalize the moment with a photo-op corner, complete with PIXMA-printed props. To whip up a curly paper bouquet, print the pattern of your choice onto colored paper and cut it into horizontal strips, stopping just short of the edge. Then, quickly run each strip over the blunt edge of your scissors to give it a curly design. Glue the in-tact edge of the paper to a tightly rolled green paper "stem" to give your photo subjects something to pose with.

If you prefer quirky to elegant, you can't go wrong with paper masks - from animals faces to silly glasses and hats. Find a photo of the perfect mustache or snap a headshot of your furry friend, then send it to your PIXMA printer with AirPrint or Cannon Printer App. With a stack of masks for your photo booth, you'll really fill your new digs with personality. And if your guests like what they see, you can print the snaps from your PictBridge-compatible camera straight to your PIXMA printer - no computer needed. That's a good thing, because you're going to need the table space for extra guacamole.


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