DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

4 DIY Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

When it comes to holiday gift ideas for book lovers, you will have the most success if you think outside the box. This holiday season, give the bookworm in your life some DIY literary love with our roundup of best gifts for book lovers. Simply download our free printables and let your PIXMA printer take care of the rest.

Printable Bookmarks

Surprise your book-loving pal with this adorable origami snowman bookmark. Unlike any ordinary bookmark, this little guy slides right over the top or bottom corner of the page. To assemble, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Print out this free template.
  2. Cut out the square space that frames the snowman.
  3. Fold the paper in half, so that the snowman face is up. The paper will be in the shape of a triangle.
  4. Turn the triangle over.
  5. Take the lower right corner and fold it up to the top point so that you can see the snowman’s face.
  6. Do the same with the lower left corner.
  7. Unfold the corners so you’re looking at a blank triangle again.
  8. Take the front sheet of the top triangle and fold it down so that the tip touches the bottom straight edge of the paper.
  9. Then, take each of the snowman folds and tuck them into the little pocket of paper above.
  10. Now, you’ve created a holiday bookmark that will snugly hold your place!
4 DIY Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

Printable Bookplates

There’s no better way to accessorize a book than with a custom printable bookplate. Fire up your PIXMA and print out this vintage menorah bookplate on adhesive paper. Stick it on the front endpaper of your favorite book, or print out several dozen copies and gift them to an avid reader.

Printable Booklists

Have you been keeping a running mental list of books you want to read? If you're anything like us, chances are you will forget what's on the list when it comes time to choosing a new book. So, here is one of our all-time favorite DIY holiday gift ideas, albeit simple: a printable booklist! Use your MegaTank to print out a few copies and check off titles as you go. Want to challenge yourself? Set a goal of how many books you’ll finish before the ball drops in 2021!

DIY Journal

A book log is the perfect place to record quotes from your favorite books or write reflections about your favorite reads. If gifting a DIY book log this year, don't skimp on the creativity! You can start by filling a binder with printable pages that offer writing guidelines and prompts. You might also decide to include a printable booklist (see above) so your bookworm bud can track his or her reading next year!

With these DIY holiday gift ideas for book lovers, you are sure to embellish a friend's personal library. While you're busy making someone else's day, why not use your PIXMA to print out an extra booklist for yourself?