Good Behavior Prizes for Kids

Good Behavior Prizes

Parents and teachers know the power of good behavior prizes — they’re a natural way to take that "good job" or "thank you" and make it into something fun, physical and easy for kids to recognize. When your prizes are powered by Canon PIXMA printer, it only takes a little time to get crafty with the rewards you’ll give your tykes for a job well done.

Positivity Calendars

You're never too young to have goals. Whether your little one is trying to break a bad habit (like thumb sucking) or get into the groove of a good one (like teeth brushing), a habit calendar can be a helpful, colorful coach. Start by printing a kid-friendly calendar template in a large format or on a few sheets of 8.5x11-inch glossy photo paper. Hang the calendar on your fridge, then print out a series of small photos to use as mini calendar magnets — you can go with smiley faces or different colored balloons, or cater to your kid's interests. Cut the photos to size, stick them to mat board with a craft medium, gloss them with the same medium and hot-glue them to mini magnets from the craft store.

Every time your little learner reaches a milestone on the calendar, mark it with a mini magnet. At the end of the month, she'll have a whole pile of magnets as a great big reward — perfect for her little cubby locker at school.

Stickers (Because Kids Love Stickers)

Stickers are a fail-safe prize for kids, so it's a good thing making them is just about one of the easiest craft projects for PIXMA printers to pull off. Just grab some glossy, inkjet-compatible sticker paper and you're off to the races. Print multiple images on a single page, cut them to shape, and get ready to put them in eager hands.

To really make this DIY prize work, you've got to give it a collectible aspect. Is your child obsessed with insects? Fashion? Dogs? Play to their passions by creating a complete series of stickers, so that there's never a repeat. Here are some kid friendly designs to try. Hand out a sticker as a trophy for repeated tasks, like doing chores or using a new word. The "gotta collect 'em all" attitude might just lead to some breakthroughs.

Fantastic Fliers

Sometimes, the making of the craft itself is a reward. For big goals, like a high grade on a spelling test or a week of good behavior, plan a prize that's also a collaborative bonding experience. You could make printable paper airplanes together, or take your imagination to the next level and go for a flying dragon instead.

Before you print your templates on matte photo paper, use a free, touchscreen-compatible drawing app like Tayasui or Art Set to let your pint-sized artist detail the creature with spots, stripes or crazy patterns. Send your creation wirelessly from your smart device to your choice of Wi-Fi enabled PIXMA printers, then guide your partner through cutting, folding and gluing the paper into a fantastical creation that actually glides through the air (and makes a nice hanging mobile, too). With enough good behavior, you might just end up with a whole fleet of dragons on your hands.


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