Celebrate Baby With Free
Printable Baby Milestone Cards

Celebrating Baby + Free Printable Baby Milestone Cards

Babies grow quickly. One minute they’re tiny infants no bigger than the length of your arm, the next they’re bundles of energy crawling across the floor, and before you know it they’re toothy one-year-olds taking their first steps.


Time flies. One of your important roles as a new parent is resident photographer. You’re tasked with keeping a visual record of your child's adorable daily activities, as well as the important milestones in his or her first year. Now, more than ever, with social media new parents go snap-happy photographing and posting their sweet newborns’ every smile, drool and funny expression.

Such priceless photos are perfect for printing, framing or making keepsake gifts for grandparents and other beloved family members. Canon printers make creating these meaningful gifts easier than ever. Here are some printable ideas to showcase your baby’s milestones:

Photograph the baby with monthly milestone cards

Keep track of your baby’s growth by taking a photo on their day of birth each month for his or her first year. Print monthly milestone cards. To create an even cuter timeline, pose your baby with his or her printed monthly milestone card and the same stuffed animal, in the same rocking chair or next to your pet to show how the little one grows compared to a point of reference.

At the end of the year, print photos of the first 11 months and arrange them in order to see the growth, ending with a celebratory 12th picture of the baby’s messy, frosting-covered face after eating that yummy first birthday cake.

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Pose the baby with props

Babies are curious. Pose your child with balloons, cupcakes or blocks and capture photos of his or her interactions with them (and beware of the cleanup if you use food!). You could also print stylized signs with updated statistics including the baby's current weight, how many hours a day he or she sleeps, and the new sounds he or she makes. 

And don’t forget the other not-so-major milestones! Print signs for every little thing you want to remember: the first bubble bath; learning to clap; eating adult food. The cuteness is endless. Remember to date your signs so you’ll never forget when the excitement happened. 

Make your own calendar

An ideal way to use the monthly photos you've gathered is to create a calendar showing all the changes in your baby’s life. Dedicate each month to a milestone, or use the monthly milestone photos in each month it was taken–which will be especially cute if your kid's birthday is later in the year. It will become an instant keepsake for you and all of the other friends and family members who just can't believe how fast the baby is growing up.


Create a photo album

Get creative and combine your favorite first-year milestone photos into one big, digital photo album. Include photos of the baby’s newborn footprint, birth date, and other fun details for another great grandparent gift. Use Canon's hdAlbumEZ for a boost of creative fun.

You can also start timelines of other big life events and plan for annual photos of every Halloween costume, Thanksgiving turkey, and holiday get-together all with their own milestone signs. The opportunities are endless and the changes are enormous.

Click here to download free and (and cute!) Canon printable monthly baby milestone cards.