4 Free Classic Christmas Printables — and One Wish List for Santa — for the Holiday Season

4 Free Classic Christmas Printables — and One Wish List for Santa — for the Holiday Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! In many households, getting ready for the holiday season is as fun as the actual holidays themselves. It’s an occasion for creating as you transform your home into that quintessential, once-a-year winter wonderland where all wishes come true. This year, there’s no reason to make an extra trip to the store for expensive holiday décor. With a little time and energy, you can save money by making your holiday decorations yourself with the help of you Canon PIXMA TS9520 printer. Read on for free, printable ornaments, Christmas cones, holiday banners, snowflakes and more, all designed with a festive spirit in mind.  

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Sweeten Your Tree With Printable Candy Cane Ornaments

These red-and-white sugary treats are the candy that’s perhaps most associated with the Christmas season. Legends vary on the history of the candy cane, but this truth is self-evident: it’s the ideal shape for hanging from the tree, no hooks or hardware required. Of course, if you hang the actual candy from the tree, it’s bound to disappear (the minty flavor might just be too tempting to resist...). That’s why these printable paper ornaments  are especially handy. Print them out on 11x17 paper using your PIXMA TS9520, and then get creative. You can color them, paint them, festoon them with glitter and ribbons, or just hang them as is and call them “minimalist white.” Your tree will look gussied up in an instant.

Deck The Halls With Santa Cones

These classic Santa Christmas cones  are a simple, playful way to spread a little DIY cheer around the house. Print, cut and assemble the cones with glue or tape. Then, set them out around the house - on end tables and nightstands, or even as centerpieces on the buffet table. Feeling creative? Balance your favorite cones on the Christmas tree—the shape makes for a great tree topper. Or, hand them out to guests at your holiday party: they’re perfect for holding something light, such as popcorn, trail mix or nuts.  

Proclaim ‘Happy Holidays’ to Your Guests with a Festive Banner

Spread the holiday cheer by hanging this cheerful message on your front door. Print these classic blue and green ornament letters  on matte paper using your PIXMA TS9520. Next, take a hole punch and punch two holes in the top of each sheet of paper. Run a long piece of ribbon or twine (silver would look oh so festive) through the letters before attaching the banner outside the door. It’ll be sure to put your holiday guests in the right mindset.

Create a Winter Wonderland With Printable Snowflakes

Do you remember making origami snowflakes growing up? There’s something so inherently satisfying about snipping away at folded sheets of paper to create a perfectly symmetrical, delicate snowflake. Print, fold and cut this snowflake and be creative about where you place it. It would be a fun, seasonal addition to clip onto a wreath, or you could fasten it to a ribbon or clothespin to make it an ornament for your tree. Another idea: turn the snowflake into a coaster. Just coat it in adhesive paper, and it’ll be functional all season long as a sturdy base for your hot cocoa. 

Prepare a Wish List for Santa

Video games, dolls, robots, paint sets, books, jewelry—what do you want Santa to bring? Here’s your chance to write it all down. With this holiday wish list kids can write up their list and send it straight to the North Pole! But don’t limit it to just the kids. We recommend printing out lists for the whole family. That way, when relatives ask for ideas, you’ll be prepared. Happy Holidays! 

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