Six Pro Tips for Creative
Back to School Portraits

Back to School Photography

The first day of school is right around the corner, and many parents have started commemorating the day with back to school photos to share with family and friends on social media. From quick snapshots to posed portraits, proud parents are documenting their children’s growth and academic progress in fun and creative ways. The easy-to-use features of Canon’s EOS cameras allow you to capture virtually any back to school moment to share in an instant and save for a lifetime. Here are six pro tips and inspirations for your first day of school photos.

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1. Capture poses in Portrait mode

Don’t wait for school picture day to get a yearbook-worthy portrait of your child. Setting your camera to Portrait mode will automatically optimize the scene by blurring the background and putting the focus on your child’s adorable smile.


2. Get down to your child’s level

When photographing children, you’ll get more engaging results by shooting at their eye level. Crouch down or sit so that your camera lens is level with their eye line.

Boost lighting conditions

3. Boost lighting conditions with a Speedlite flash

Awkward shadows or bad lighting can ruin an otherwise cute shot of a spontaneous moment. Whether you’re snapping pics at the bus stop or in the classroom, start the new school year with flattering first day photos by using your camera’s flash to supplement available lighting. For indoor locations with harsh or low-light conditions, the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI Flash can automatically assess your surroundings and swivel into position to bounce the flash off ceilings or surfaces, creating brighter scenes and improving overall quality of your photos.

Get creative and candid

4. Get creative and candid

For most of us, posed photos can seem stiff and unnatural. While setting up to capture a portrait image, get your kids talking about a subject of interest. This might put them at ease in front of the camera and encourage a more natural reaction. Incorporate some school-related props like globes, chalkboards, or their school supplies and play with some creative poses. You can even make your own props and set up a back to school theme photo booth in your living room before the big day. Set your camera’s Drive mode to High-Speed Continuous Shooting to increase the chances of capturing the best shot. Activate the AI Servo AF (Autofocus), and your camera’s multi-point AF system will keep even the most energetic, fast-moving kids in constant focus.

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5. Share with family and friends instantly

Using cameras with built-in Wi-Fi®, NFC, and Bluetooth® capability, such as the Canon EOS Rebel T8i or EOS M50, you can share your favorite back to school moments before the school bus drives away. With the Canon Camera Connect app, you can upload photos and videos directly from your camera to your smartphone.

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6. Take back to school family selfies

Join your kids in a photo or two to document your contrasting emotions as you send your kids off to school. The fully articulating LCD touchscreen of the Rebel T8i and the M50 lets you compose your selfie in Live View and adjust your camera settings and timer as needed. For a more formal back to school family photo, the Canon Camera connect app allows you to use your smartphone as a remote shutter button.

Even if your children have been in school awhile, it’s never too late to start your back to school photo tradition. When your child reaches their last day of school, you’ll both love looking back on these first-day memories together.

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