7 Father's Day Crafts for Toddlers That Dad Will Love

7 Father's Day Crafts for Toddlers That Dad Will Love

It’s time to stop searching the internet for neckties and “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs. This year, you and the kids can put your heads and hearts together and make something Dad will love for Father’s Day.

Here are seven fun, easy and creative gifts that toddlers can make for their dad, grandpa or any other father figure. All it takes is a printer, some creativity and a little help from Mom.

Make a “Dad Lib.” Remember Mad Libs? Much love to craft master Martha Stewart for creating “Dad Libs”: printable cards that your child can personalize by filling in the blanks with adjectives, nouns and verbs relating to Pop. Toddlers can complete sentences such as “My dad’s job is to______,” “My dad makes me laugh when he _____” and “I love my dad because _______.” On the front of the card, your little one can draw a picture of Dad or help you attach a favorite photo that you printed.


Print a fun photo collage. If a photo is worth a thousand words, a photo collage is worth, well, way more! Read this post from Activity Village for inspiration. Then, have your toddler choose some favorite photos from your camera, which you can print out on matte photo paper. You can arrange them together on construction or printer paper. Add drawings, stickers and words to make a perfect dad-themed collage.

Skip the glue stick and use Canon's new pocket-friendly IVY Mini Photo Printer that prints 2x3 photos that you can peel-and-stick directly to your favorite surfaces.. Plus, the IVY Mini Photo Printer allows you to customize your photos before you print them by adding filters, text, emojis and more. Time to get creative! 

Make him a necktie bookmark. The old standby Father’s Day gift has always been a new tie. Rather than going to the store and searching for yet another silk accessory, you and the kids can create your own crafty tie that doubles as a bookmark! Just print out a tie template from Buggy and Buddy and tear up strips of newspaper to glue on. Add stickers or other colorful accents for a one-of-a-kind gift.

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Bake him a toolbox. If your child likes spending time in the kitchen, you can work together to create Dad a sweet new toolbox — made of gingerbread cookies! Print out the template from Sweetopia and start sifting, rolling, constructing and icing so Dad can get eating. 

Make your own magnets. With a magnet sheet, a little glue and a lot of imagination, you can make anything stick to the refrigerator! Print out a photo of your child’s smiling face on matte photo paper while the kids draw different accessories, such as hats, gloves, balls, shoes and more. Cut them out and glue them all to a magnet sheet and, voila! Instant refrigerator art.

Print your own card. If you’re short on time and can’t quite manage full-fledged craft mode, a DIY card will do. For the rock-star dad, print out a “You rock!” card, complete with hearts and lightning bolts, from Damask Love. Outdoorsy dads and grandpas will get a kick out of these nature-inspired cards by Lia Griffith, accompanied by DIY envelopes and envelope liners you can print yourself. Or, check out the Creative Park site for ideas of other cards to print with your PIXMA. Then, break out the stamps, stickers and markers and let your little one leave a message of their own.

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Craft a family keyring. With a photo-filled keyring, Dad can take the kids along with him wherever he goes. Print a small photo of your child’s face, then have him or her help you glue it onto a bottle cap. Attach a paperclip so it’s keychain-ready. The Kids Activities blog walks you through each step in making this memorable gift.

This Father's Day, keep the macaroni in the pantry and focus on crafting a personalized gift with your kids that will keep Dad smiling all year long. And download a FREE Father's Day BBQ card here.