Bring it with your family
They only grow up once, so you better BRING IT. From pregnancy to first steps to birthdays, bring your Canon so you don't miss a single moment.
See images below for tips on how to capture all your baby's firsts in brilliant quality.
Baby Bump Photo Series
Document your pregnancy with a fun portrait series.
Photography Tips:
• Find a neutral, even toned background like a white or beige wall.
• Frame the shot and keep her belly as the hero.
• Shoot at the same time of day to keep lighting consistent.
First Baby Picture
They’re only born once. Be prepared to capture this life-changing moment with the quality it deserves.
Photography Tips:
• Set white balance to Tungsten to keep your image from looking yellow.
• Turn off the flash and use natural light.
• Set ISO to 400 for greater brightness.
Bringing Your Baby Home
You’ll never forget the first days home. Neither will they. Share great photos of your new family with a stunning birth announcement.
Photography Tips:
• Put the camera into Aperture Priority (Av) mode to highlight your baby.
• Select a low F-stop to create a blurred background effect. The lower the F-stop the more background blur you will have.
• Choose silent shooting mode to get great sleep shots without disturbing your newborn.
Baby Growth Series
Capture every changing inch with a series of close-ups featuring different parts of their feet, hands, mouth, eyes, etc.
Photography Tips:
• Use the vari-angle LCD screen to capture high or low shots with ease.
• Start experimenting with black and white mode for a more artistic feel.
• Print your images and start creating a photo series on your wall.
Bath Time Video
There’s no time like bath time. Let the bubbles and toys fly in gorgeous Full HD Video.
Photography Tips:
• Use Movie Servo AF mode to help track your child through all the excitement of playtime.
• Use STM lenses to capture the laughs and the splashes with near silent autofocus.
• Try a fixed focal lens with f/2.8 or faster to obtain even more light while shooting indoors.
Baby On The Move
From crawling to walking to full-on sprinting. Use these tips to get great photos of your budding explorer.
Photography Tips:
• Use Continuous Shooting Mode to keep your baby in focus no matter how fast they’re moving.
• Shoot in Shutter Priority (Tv) mode and make sure you use a high shutter speed to avoid any unwanted blurring.
• Get low at ground level and simply touch the LCD screen to keep your on-the-move baby in focus
Out And About
Taking great outdoor portraits while the fam is on the move.
Photography Tips:
• Set your camera to Aperture Priority (Av) mode to allow more light.
• Select the lowest F-stop (example f/2.8) to blur any unwanted backgrounds.
• Shooting later in the afternoon on a warm sunny day can give a wonderful warm glow to images.
Birthday Parties
Before they blow out the candles, prepare to blow them away. Check out these tips for great candid photos and videos for any birthday party.
Photography Tips:
• Capture a close up video of your child with an f/2.8 or faster portrait lens for better low light images.
• Get up close to your child so you can capture the fun of the moment.
• Increase the ISO in low light situations to avoid dark images.
Play Time
Pick a costume, any costume. And then bring it. Here are real-life tips to capture the kids in all their make-believe glory.
Photography Tips:
• Use continuous shooting to capture all the excitement of playtime.
• Get in close to capture the essence of innocence and have the cutest holiday card next season.
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