Easter Craft Ideas for Kids the Family Will Love

Easter Craft Ideas for Kids the Family Will Love

Warm weather is reason enough to celebrate the spring season, and Easter gives us an extra special reason to feel cheerful and festive. We all know there is no shortage of spring crafts for kids out there––after all, there is just so much to inspire your spring crafting, from Easter Bunny printables to fun DIY Easter decorations.

Here are 5 Easter craft ideas both you and your little ones will enjoy.

Easter Garland

The garland is often thought of as a holiday decoration meant for the winter season, but there’s really no reason not to include it among your Easter crafts for kids. To get started, you’ll want to print out these Easter Bunny printables and then glue little white pompoms to give each one a soft tail. If your child likes photography, encourage him or her to take a few photos of colorful flowers from your backyard, then print them out using your Canon IVY. These photos can hang alongside the bunnies and become part of the garland.

Easter Crafts

Easter Egg Candy Jars

This is one of our favorite DIY Easter crafts, guaranteed to delight both kids and parents. Kids will enjoy the decorating process, while parents will benefit from the final result. These jars are excellent to store all sorts of knick-knacks, from paperclips to pencils. First, buy some small glass mason jars from your local craft or hardware store. Then, stock up on all sorts of Easter arts and crafts supplies: paint, fine glitter, construction paper, pompoms, movable eyes, hot glue and more. You can cut bunny ears from white craft foam and glue them to the lid of the jar. If you want to get creative with your organization, you can also print these decorative labels for the Easter egg candy jars. We love DIY Easter crafts that double as useful storage containers! 

Printable Easter Coloring Pages

If your child is new to reading, fun easter games can be a great way to learn. One idea is to print out these printable Easter coloring pages on your MegaTank All-In-One printer. Each page includes Easter sayings, such as "Happy Easter!" and "Hop this way!" Invite your kids to spell out each saying as they color away. What could be a better way to learn than with an easy Easter craft? 

Easter Bunny Corner Bookmark

Calling all bookworms! Well, bunnies in this case. This Easter Bunny corner bookmark is among our favorite Easter crafts to make at home. There is a little folding involved, but nothing too complicated for your little one. Print out a few copies on your MegaTank All-In-One printer, that way you can test a few before you perfect the perfect fold. Next comes the fun part. Your child can glue on little bunny eyes to the top of the bookmark, or decorate their bookmark bunny with glitter, stickers and other decorative materials. For the ears nose and teeth, create cutouts on different colored construction paper and then glue to your bookmark. 

Easter Bunny Sock Puppets

Running low on supplies in your crafts drawer? Head to your sock drawer, instead. Unlike most other Easter activities for kids, for this particular craft you'll really only need a sock and few other supplies on hand: felt, a large pompom for the bunny tail, moveable eyes, a ribbon, some rubber bands to help form the body and rubber bands to give it shape. After filling your sock with rice, you’ll use the clear rubber bands in two spots—to form the head and the lower half. Then, the leftover fabric becomes the ears. Cut a slit in the top to create a floppy ear effect. Store your Easter Bunny sock puppet on your bedpost for some whimsical Easter home décor!