Flower Power: DIY Paper Flowers to Add Life to Your Dorm

paper flowers

College is a time for creativity and self-expression. When you’re nesting into your first dorm, those creative impulses are ready to burst out, but they might have to burst out on a budget. Enter Canon PIXMA printers.Think of them as interior decorators in a colorful, high-tech box, ready to bring some paper flower power to your new room.

Cascading Texture

At first glance, your dorm's going to look a little empty. Which is exactly why it needs a striking centerpiece like a cascading flower garland.This DIY backdrop starts with printing flower garland templates on hearty card stock, cutting the shapes out and curling them with scissors, then threading twine through them with an embroidery needle. Where it really shines, though, is in the customization options. Print your templates on a tropical patternand hang the flowers from a willow branch for a warm, breezy look, or go with ahoundstooth pattern and a sleek pewter curtain rod for a more modern effect. Just make sure you choose wisely — this eye-catching backdrop might just establish the vibe of your whole dorm.

Pages of Petals

Before long, your literature class is going to turn up some treasures. Whether it's a classic poem, a short story or an epic, some of those pieces are sure to hit home. When inspiration strikes, nab a PDF of your favorite literature and use high-resolution matte paper with your PIXMA printer to print book-quality results (because you'll want to keep your hardbound copy intact, of course). To start flowering, cut the printed pages into big and small flower shapes, then post them as two-layered flowers around the perimeter of a foam ring using decorative pins. Fill out the negative space with paper leaves, or bring a little earthiness to your dorm with real leaves you’ve collected from hikes with friends or lazy days in the quad.

Playing Florist

You really can't go wrong with a flower arrangement in your dorm, whether it's a few modest flowers in a slim vase on your nightstand or a whole basket full of blossoms brightening up the room.

That's where Canon Creative Park comes in. With a full array of templates and parts to print for making your own 3-D paper crafts, you can fill your space with sunflowers,purple anemones, tulips, lilies and more to create your own custom arrangements. Don't feel like making a centerpiece? Just string them through Christmas lights for a casual lighting solution or hot glue the compact tops of carnations or mini roses to a paper globe lantern to light up your living situation in more ways than one.


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