Custom Greeting Cards for
the Creative Scrapbooker

Canon Custom Greeting Cards for the Creative Scrapbooker

With the summer quickly coming to a close, many are busy preparing for the fall, whether that's checking off back-to-school supply lists, or planning festive family gatherings and birthday parties. As calendars fill up with important dates, it is easy to lose track of time, or even get lazy when it comes to making every celebration stand out. Custom greeting cards are a fun and easy way to celebrate the people in your life who matter most, on the days most special to them. With the help of your PIXMA TS9521C, and our five crafty tips, get started creating your own greeting cards, at minimum spend, for every big occasion this fall. And remember: the more personal the card, the more likely your lucky recipient will cherish it for a long time to come. 

Customize your envelope. 

Your envelope should have just as much character and flare as the card it contains. Depending on the occasion, a funky or elegant envelope design will surely leave a lasting impression on whoever receives your card. There are countless ways of customizing your envelope, from decorating it with doodles and stickers, to experimenting with colored and patterned papers. Be as bold or conservative as you wish, but if you're planning on mailing your card, keep in mind that the post office may not deliver envelopes of certain shapes. Finally, don't forget that the inside of your envelope should be as special as the outside! Using your PIXMA TS9521C, print out our envelope-liner.pdf free patterned envelope liner, and tape or glue it to the inside of your A7 envelope for an extra element of surprise. 

Experiment with size and texture.

Whether it's a thank you note, wedding announcement or a birthday invitation, the size and format of your greeting card can make your mail really stand out. Standard greeting cards are normally 4 by 6 inches, 5 by 7 inches, or 7 by 10 inches, but remember: one size does not fit all! Choose a size and shape that is appropriate for the occasion, from flat to folded, plain to pop-up. With your PIXMA TS9521C, you can even take your paper crafting to the next level, by introducing different textures and materials. Try scanning a thin section of your favorite fabric onto your personalized note, and top it off with rhinestones, sequins, and glitter. 

Personalize your card with a photo. 

Photo inline image

Nothing says personal like a family photo. Craft your greeting card by adding a photo to your message. For the holidays, gather your loved ones for a photo shoot to capture a festive moment that you can include on the front of your card. Alternatively, dive into your personal archive and choose one of your favorite photos from last year for the front or inside of your card. With your PIXMA TS9521C, print your photo directly from your SD memory card onto card stock or stationery paper - quick and easy!

Go 3D. 

Level up your message by creating a 3-dimensional greeting card. Especially fun for kids' birthday parties, pop-up cards are a great way to take your note from ordinary to extraordinary. If you're stuck on an original design, we recommend putting your card in a small box instead, and then customizing the package to your liking. Fire up your PIXMA TS9521C and print out this square gift box template onto 12 by 12 cardstock or construction paper. Simply cut along the dotted lines and assemble! Pair your note with a small treat, like a candy or chocolate kiss, then deliver your extra-special card to your number-one boo. 

Always have stationery on hand.  

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It's not always easy to find the time to craft a one-of-a-kind greeting card. As the fall season wears on, and the to-do lists pile up, chances are you might find yourself rushing to the store to grab and sign a generic greeting card the day of the celebration itself. Instead, design and create your own custom stationery set to always have at the ready for those occasions which sneak up on you without warning or reminder. Download our Free stationery Printables for some design inspiration, or use your PIXMA TS9521C to choose from 45 built-in patterns and create custom paper backgrounds for your stationery. While you're at it, why not thank a teacher, congratulate a friend, or wish someone well -just because. 

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