New Year's Eve With Kids? Here's What To Do

New Year's Eve With Kids? Here's What To Do

Spending this New Year’s Eve with kids? That’s reason enough to celebrate! No crowds, no overpriced meals and no chaos or stress. If you're at a loss for what to do on New Year's Eve, we recommend hosting a family gathering, filled with your favorite food, drinks and DIY entertainment.

The key to any successful New Year’s Eve gathering is, of course, keeping the kids busy until the countdown. This year, fire up your PIXMA printer and stock up on craft supplies so you and the kids can create your own New Year’s Eve games and projects. With these fun ideas and free printables , our crafty Canon team has you covered.

Make a memory jar.

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year before diving into the year ahead. Reminisce and reflect on the past year by creating a memory jar for your family to fill. All it takes is a recycled mason jar, some Post-its and a little bit of time for introspection.

Pass out paper and pens and ask everyone in your house to come up with their favorite memories of 2019. Or, make it a group activity. Print out our Top 10 Memories of the Year and ask everyone to weigh in. Come to a consensus on the best memories, write them down and then roll up the list and place it in the jar. Snap a few photos of your kids as they fill the jar with their favorite memories, and print them out on your Canon IVY printer. You might even decide to stick them to the outside of the jar itself! Be sure to keep the jar handy so that next year, you can all look back and relive the memories — all while writing down new ones, of course.

Read each other’s fortunes.

You don’t need to be a psychic to predict your family’s fortune if you have crafting skills! This origami fortune teller, which is filled with New Year’s Eve symbols, sees all. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Print out the template and cut your paper into a square.
  2. Fold the paper in half along both diagonals.
  3. Open it up and fold each corner towards the center crease. Each point should meet at the crease. Once folded, the paper should be a smaller square.
  4. Flip the smaller square over.
  5. Again, fold each of the corners up to the center crease, so you have an even smaller square.
  6. The four corners should pop out. Where the flaps open, place your thumbs and index fingers to move the fortune teller.
  7. Write out messages such as "The cards say yes!" or "Go for it!" under each flap where the numbers are.

To play, take turns at asking a question. After asking the question, a player picks a symbol from the fortune teller. The person telling fortunes then spells out the name of that symbol (“c-l-o-c-k”) counting out each letter by moving the fortune teller back and forth. Then, the player selects a number. The person telling fortunes then opens the flap beneath that number and reads the message. That’s the answer to their question—and their fortune!

Write out your resolutions.


What does 2020 have in store for you and your family? It’s a mystery, but you can resolve to bring more positive attitudes and behaviors into your life by printing out this resolutions lists and filling it with personal goals. Will you travel more? Keep a gratitude journal? Take walks together more often? Dedicate more time to family crafting? Write them all down, whatever they may be. This list may be the first step to making the life changes you crave!

Count down the hours with a DIY paper clock.

Plan your family party right down to the minute with this crafty paper clock. Download the template, print it out and then cut and assemble the clock, attaching the hour and minute hands with a brad. Then, break out the markers and plan your evening! Everyone can write out an activity on the clock, such as “make paper fortune tellers,” “write out resolutions” and, of course, “party like it’s 2020!”

This craft is a great way to teach young kids how to tell time — and, if needed, you can always skip ahead to midnight a little bit early so the whole family can go to bed! Happy New Year!