Canon Insider Guide: EOS Rebel Series

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Through this companion introductory video series, Canon USA helps guide you on how to set-up your new camera, as well as how to get you comfortable with its automatic features. The beginner camera user will benefit from clear and insightful information about the various camera settings, and how they can be applied in many real-life shooting situations. Learn at your own pace through thirteen separate and engaging episodes.

This series begins with the fundamentals, such as how to hold the camera properly, and how to use either its eye-level viewfinder or the LCD monitor for viewing. Then, you will take a tour of the controls and features on Canon EOS Rebel cameras that newcomers to digital SLRs are most likely to use. Learn the many different ways to use these features to capture good, sharp pictures in any lighting situation. You will also take your first steps in learning how to shoot HD video with your camera.

While you should never overlook your camera's detailed instruction manual, we're confident that you'll find that this video series from Canon USA sheds light on many of the features of your camera in a very user-friendly and easily-understood fashion. This series tremendously benefits those who order their EOS Rebel direct from Canon USA. It also serves as a great introduction to Canon's other online and live educational offerings that await you.

  • Introduction (2:04)
  • Set Up (6:32)
  • Viewing and Camera Handling (4:21)
  • Shooting Concepts (8:48)
  • Shooting Pictures Indoors, and in Low Light (4:50)
  • Changing the Look of Pictures (5:57)
  • Tour of the Camera (7:57)
  • LCD Monitor & Menus: Part 1 (11:06)
  • LCD Monitor & Menus: Part 2 (11:46)
  • Shooting HD Video (10:50)
  • Shooting Pictures Outdoors, in Daylight (7:35)
  • Sharing Images and Videos (5:49)
  • Going Further with the Rebel (2:28)

Rudy Winston

Rudy Winston

Before joining Canon USA, Rudy enjoyed an extensive career as a freelance photographer, including professional sports photography. Two decades of hands-on experience with nearly every Canon EOS camera and lens has made Rudy a go-to technical expert for amateurs and pros alike.