Beach Photography Ideas

Beach Photography Ideas

When you’re having fun in the sun at the beach, every moment is a potential photo op. The white sands and sparkling blue seas make the perfect background for fun family candids, artsy photographs, romantic portraits, and cute “wish you were here” selfies. With a Canon EOS M Series camera, you can capture special moments: morning, noon, and night. These compact, lightweight cameras offer many features of a full-sized DSLR model without adding bulk to your beach bag.

So, on your next travel adventure, grab your Canon M Series camera, head for the coast, and keep these tips in mind to take good beach photographs:

1. Protect Your Camera and Lens

4K 15-45mm Lenses

Sand can get into all kinds of surprising places, including your Canon EOS M Series camera. Keep your camera safe by storing it in a plastic bag when not in use and putting it away during moments of high wind. Before heading out for a long day at the beach, attach your compact zoom lens, EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM to the camera body to minimize any contact with the sand. A clear UV filter will provide additional lens protection while helping to balance lighting and exposures. If you switch to a different lens, like the ultra-wide EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, be especially careful to minimize wind-blown sand or ocean spray getting into the camera, or the rear of the lens. Canon’s CarePAK PLUS provides peace of mind while taking beach photographs, offering protection from accidental damage beyond the standard warranty period.

2. Capture the Action with These Two Settings for Beach Photography

Capture the Action with These Two Settings for Beach Photography

Summertime is peak season for beach activity. At any moment, you could catch an impromptu game of beach volleyball, surfers riding the wave or kids splashing around in the water. To capture these spontaneous bursts of activity, activate the Sports mode on your EOS M Series camera. Sports mode lets you shoot continuously while the camera keeps your subject in focus. Set your drive mode to High-Speed Continuous Shooting to capture sequential action like waves crashing over a sandcastle or paragliders landing on the beach.

3. Activate Your Flash

Activate Your Flash

Bright, sunny days provide an abundance of natural light, which is ideal for taking great action shots and vibrant seascapes. Shooting midday posed or candid beach portraits can be tricky, because the sun’s position intensifies shadows on your subjects’ faces. Using your on-camera flash will supplement the sunlight, minimizing shadows for more flattering compositions, especially when you’re close to your subjects.

4. Take High-Quality Selfies

Take High-Quality Selfies

Leave blurry smartphone selfies behind and show off your sun-kissed glow in high definition. The flip-up touchscreen on M Series cameras makes it easier than ever to take flattering self-portraits at the beach. The LCD touchscreen lets you compose your selfie in Live View and adjust your camera settings as needed.

5. Watch the Horizon

Watch the Horizon

Whether you’re snapping selfies or seascapes, try to keep your horizon line as leveled as possible. Use your camera’s onscreen grid display to find the best angle. Turn on your camera’s Grid Lines in the Menu settings and the grid will appear in Live View and the viewfinder.

6. Aim for the Magic Hours

Photographing Sunsets

The best times to see the most colorful skies are the hours around sunrise and sunset. If you want to snap some end-of-the-day family beach portraits or romantic selfies with a sunset background, find out the time of sunset before heading out for a full day of sand and surf. For low-light portraits after sunset, switch your camera’s settings to Night Portrait modeNight Portrait Mode which will apply a gradual shutter speed and slow the timing of the flash to cast a more natural light on your subject.

7. Share Your Memories Instantly

Boardwalk photography

There’s no need to wait until you get home to post your favorite beach moments. Canon’s EOS M Series cameras feature built-in Wi-Fi®, NFC, and Bluetooth® capability, so you can share as you go. Upload your vacation photos and videos directly from your camera to social networking sites right after you take them using the Canon iMAGE Gateway.

Canon’s EOS M Series cameras are ready for any adventure, with virtually everything you need to take fantastic, postcard-worthy beach photographs.