6 Scrapbooking Secrets for Craft-Lovers Everywhere

6 Scrapbooking Secrets for Craft-Lovers Everywhere

For the craft-minded, scrapbooking is the gift that keeps on giving - whether it's a DIY present or simply a way to keep memorable moments alive. Here are six pro tips to help your create a scrapbook that will be cherished for years to come.

Go Big

1. Go Big

When you think of scrapbooking, you probably imagine wallet-sized photos with lots of trimmings and decoration. But variety is key to making a project that pops, so mix in a few full-paged scrapbook photos to set off the smaller ones. Set your PIXMA printer to a size of 12" x 12" (a size that the PIXMA TS9521C brings to life) and a hi-res dpi of 300, then cut down the image to fit your album's page. Once you've got those covered, embrace other photo sizes with this easy guide to resizing photos for scrapbooks.

2.	Templates, Templates, Templates

2. Templates, Templates, Templates

Making a beautiful scrapbook can seem daunting if you're a beginner - how do you get your pictures to fit exactly into those photo pockets for DIY albums? The answer is templates. They're a scrapbooking essential.

They look like playing cards, and they're extremely easy to use. Just place a card-shaped template atop your oversized photo and cut around the template with scissors to trim the photo down to size. This way, all of your pictures will be evenly-sized and slide right into those photo pouches. You can grab these postcard-like templates at craft stores, or just make your own with your PIXMA printer and some cardstock. Print out your favorite pattern in complementary colors to your photo and place them side by side for an eye-catching combination.

Don't Neglect the Photo Paper

3. Don't Neglect the Photo Paper

Whether you're printing high-contrast black-and-whites or you want the ring in your engagement photos to pop off the page, the right photo paper can make your printed photos just about indistinguishable from pro prints. Look like a scrapbooking veteran from day one with Canon Pro Luster - it excels at color saturation but resists glare and fingerprints. Mix matte and glossy paper for an artistic flare that highlights the most important pictures in your collection.

Scrapbook While it's Fresh

4. Scrapbook While it's Fresh

It's easy to look at scrapbooking as the thing you do a year after the wedding, vacation, or road trip. But one simple tip helps keep your DIY projects vibrant and cohesive: Scrapbook while the memories are fresh.

Scrapbooks are more than just pretty to look at; they tell stories. To help make sure those stories are told to their fullest, print and organize your memories soon after they happen. Add handwritten notes to make your projects an authentic portal into the past, inside jokes and touching moments included.

Get Textual

5. Get Textual

There are tons of ways to add text to your scrapbook, from handwritten cards to cute letter stickers. If you've got a photo with a lot of negative space, you also have the option of adding text right onto the photo itself. Plenty of the printers in the PIXMA family are compatible with the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app . Go with bold, all-caps, semi-transparent white text over a colorful image to give your photo a modern movie poster quality.

Get on the Grid

6. Get on the Grid

One type of page that's sure to impress scrapbook enthusiasts is the grid - a trendy trick where a collection of small square photos adds up to a stunning whole image. Pulling this one off is deceptively simple: Just print a 9" x 12" photo with your PIXMA, then cut it into 12 3" x 3" squares. Pop those squares in a 9" x 12" photo sleeve with 12 pockets, and you've just made your life a whole lot craftier.


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