5 Ways to Repurpose Your Kids' Artwork

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Kids' Artwork

You love your kids' art - but between the school projects, arts and crafts, and spontaneous artwork spawned by rainy days at home, you're starting to get buried under all the paper. There are tons of great ideas out there centered on photos - just take a look at Canon's Photo Fun Projects - but only so much room on the doors of the refrigerator for your little one's crafts. Here are five ways to repurpose your children's art into something usable. All you need is a printer.

1. Cards for Every Occasion

Cards for Every Occasion

Add a personal touch to your birthday greetings, messages of thanks, and holiday cheer-spreading. Scan your child's artwork using your Canon PIXMA all-in-one printer, then use the image on the front cover of the card. Do it yourself in your favorite art or word processing app, or use an online greeting card maker to import the scan into a ready-made design. Either way, you're spreading cheer without wasting an afternoon in the greeting card aisle.

2. Deal Me In!

Deal Me In

Create your own custom deck of cards for home play or personalized gifting. Scan and print your child's artwork to attach onto the backs of an existing deck, or design and print both sides yourself on sturdy cardstock for an all new, homemade set. It's a sure-fire way to make family game night that much more special, and to feature your little one's creations for years to come.

3. Bound and Tabled

Bound and Tabled

If you're hesitant to part with even a single piece of art, a photo book is the perfect way to keep it all together in one place. Scan each composition into a folder on your computer, then upload the images to a photo book making service to create an elegant coffee table showpiece. You can even use a photo editor to add special effects - try adding labels, flipping images to create reflections of the original, or import a few in black and white.

4. What Day Is It?

What Day Is It?

Whether it's in an office cubicle or hung on a refrigerator door, everyone needs a calendar. Using the My Image Garden software featured on your Canon PIXMA printer, you can import scans of your favorite art pieces, then print them in calendar form using your printer's double-sided print functionality. Personalize it even further by adding your own events to each month's template, such as birthdays and family vacations.

5. Iron Out the Details

Iron Out the Details

With the help of iron transfer paper, you can customize totes, pillows, shirts, and more with your child's masterpieces. Scan or use the copier function to copy your child's artwork onto the fabric transfer paper, print the artwork, then cut it out and iron it onto the fabric. Remember to reverse the image in your print settings if you're using iron-on transfer sheets, and purchase the correct kind of transfer paper for the color fabric you're using.

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