5 Types of Photo Books You Can Print at Home

What types of photo books can you print with your PIXMA printer? With easy wireless printing, ChromaLife quality and scrapbook-friendly apps like Creative Park included out of the box, the answer is a resounding "all of them." But because "all photo books" would be an awful lot to print, let's roll with these five for starters.

1. The Blog Book

The Blog Book

If you're a blogger, few things are as thrilling as seeing months of digital work come to life in a hardbound photo book. A combination of text and brilliant images on full, semi-glossy 8.5x11 paper gives this project the feel of a contemporary magazine or an eye-catching coffee table book, and it's a great chance to finally exercise your DIY bookbinding skills.

The full-page format gives you the flexibility to arrange text and images in just about any way imaginable (especially with some help from My Image Garden's automatic layout suggestions). Plus, seeing a blog that you love make the transition from digital to physical is the perfect marriage of old-school and new-school.

2. An Alphabetic Adventure

An Alphabetic Adventure

It's time to liven up the baby scrapbook. You've definitely got a healthy collection of HD digital snaps of your little one's journey to choose from, so pick 24 of your favorites. Here's where it gets fun: Use your favorite photo-editing app to assign each photo a letter from "A" to "Z," writing an accompanying few words to describe the image - like "Amazed at Bubbles" or "Zzzzzz for the Night." Choose a bold font, but keep it semi-transparent to let the photos shine.

Once your PIXMA printer has done what it does best, keep the scrapbook simple and let the photos shine. Use a blank photo album and standard 4x6 inserts, but print your photos in landscape mode and trim them so that each 4x6 forms one-half of a full picture. The alphabet has never looked so bold.

3. A Family Collage Cookbook

A Family Collage Cookbook

A good family cookbook has history, and your family photo collage cookbook should feel the same.

Go with a DIY chipboard scrapbook to capture the shabby chic vibe, using your PIXMA printer - and your amazing foodography skills - to create stunning full-page pictures of family-famous dishes. Leave the opposing page of each photo blank and have the dish's creator hand-write the recipe. Pop in tips and variations with sticky notes, add washi tape borders, and even staple on tiny baggies with samples of dry ingredients (like spices, sprinkles or leaves) to make a truly authentic book that's destined to be tomorrow's heirloom.

4. Your Photographer's Portfolio

Your Photographer's Portfolio

Anyone who has ever created a resume can tell you that it's hard to make it stand out. Not a problem if you're a photographer with a PIXMA printer, a vision and a little DIY gusto.

Craft your own canvas-covered three-ring binder, but instead of plain fabric, print some of your favorite work in a large format - the PIXMA Pro-100 prints up to 13x19, for instance - on Inkjet-compatible canvas paper, and stitch it to the cover. The three-ring design makes for flexible photo formats (as long as you can punch holes in the page, you're good to go), but sprinkle in some pages that'll really make your portfolio pop by encouraging interaction. One page might have a pen attached and ask for reviews. An "I Was Here" page could have an inkpad and encourage people to leave their thumbprints. Or leave a blank page that asks viewers to draw their own interpretation of the photo.

The best part? It works just as well for hobbyists as for pros, and you can easily pop in fresh activity pages when needed.

5. The Instant Guestbook

The Instant Guestbook

You can make a no-fuss guestbook using simple DIY sketchbook instructions, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for boring.

Whether your event is a memorable mixer or a big wedding, set out some double-sided tape with your guestbook's pen. Have someone stationed nearby to snap smartphone photos of each guest (or encourage selfies), and instantly print them on your PIXMA printer with the Canon Print App - no wires or computers required. Make sure the guests tape down their photos next to their written messages, and you've got a guestbook that makes instant memories.


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