5 Types of Paper Holiday Decorations

5 Types of Paper Holiday Decorations

Putting up holiday decorations is almost as fun as opening up presents and feasting on holiday goodies - the music and warm beverages flow, the cheer is in the air and your space transforms from mundane to magical. And when your decorations are handmade by you and your family (and your all-in-one PIXMA printer), that essential holiday event becomes an unforgettable experience. Get ready to give those workshop elves a run for their money.

1. Ugly Sweater Garland

Ugly Sweater Garland

The ugly sweater has officially taken its place among Santa, dreidels and the kinara as a festive icon. And though it might be worn ironically, our love for it is real.

With your favorite graphic design app, some glossy 4x6 photo paper and a nifty sweater template, you're about to have the hippest garland on the block. Fill in the templates with the gaudiest designs you can dream up - anything from chartreuse snowflakes to dad's face with antlers - then print them out and cut the outlines to create 4x6-inch garland-ready sweaters.

Did you know that your local crafts store sells tiny clothes hangers that work like paper clips? Use those adorable little guys to hang your sweaters from a string of sparkly craft cords or even Christmas lights.

2. Upcycled Wine (or Wassail)

Upcycled Wine (or Wassail)

Don't toss those empty wine bottles from this year's holiday office party - instead, recycle them in style.

Give the bottles a good cleaning and strip off the current labels, then use your PIXMA printer and Inkjet-compatible sticker paper to create a color-popping holiday label. You can print right from a photo, or whip up your own custom designs, ranging from a holiday pic to a cheery message to a minimalist fir tree pattern. If you want to give your bottle some extra holiday cheer, spray paint it with a metallic shade of silver or gold, then slap the label on and top the whole thing off with a color-coordinated bow and candlestick. Voila, you've just printed out pure holiday class. Bonus: This one works no matter how you celebrate, and looks good at your New Year's party too.

3. Iron-On Napkins

Iron-On Napkins

Whether you're playing host or just like every part of your home to feel festive, cloth napkins plus PIXMA printer magic equals instant holiday decor.

Use Inkjet-friendly iron-on transfer paper to print out sheets of simply designed holiday icons, then carefully cut around each image. Place the designs face down on your blank napkins and press them with an iron to transfer (be sure to follow any warnings or instructions provided by the paper manufacturer). Bold, timeless images of laurels and wreaths or instantly recognizable animal shapes make this one a guaranteed hit.

4. Keepsake Ornaments

Keepsake Ornaments Keepsake Ornaments

Throughout the holiday season, your PIXMA printer's My Image Garden software keeps your best digital snapshots organized and ready to edit. So pick your favorite filter, scale it down to wallet size and hit "print" (on glossy photo paper, of course).

Don't worry about frames for this one. You've got bigger ideas - and a house to decorate, DIY-style. First, you'll need a large, clear plastic ornament and some thick foam sticker paper in the pattern of your choice from the craft store. You can also grab some plastic holly or springy ribbons, or some festive accents to fill the bulb with just enough stuff to support and accent your photo. Affix the picture to the foam and cut the backing down to size, then carefully fold it (without creasing it) and place it inside the ornament with tweezers, arranging it among your other chosen accessories. Replace the cap and use colorful ribbon to hang your creation from just about anywhere.

5. A New Years' Promise

A New Years' Promise

Instead of dropping a disco ball this year, immortalize the New Year's resolutions of your family and friends to help remind them of new beginnings. Start with a plain paper light sphere, then have everyone write down their hopes for the coming year, resolutions and holiday wishes in a digital document and send it your way. Place their words into flower-shaped printing templates, then print them onto high-quality matte paper. Cut the outlines and adhere them to the globe in bouquets with a hot glue gun.


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