5 Fun Origami Crafts to Make With Personal Photos

5 Fun Origami Crafts to Make With Personal Photos

With a few twists and folds, paper can become art. Origami, the Japanese art form of folding paper into decorative shapes, dates back to ancient times. So, why not modernize the craft by making origami out of your favorite photos? First, print them out on Canon's letter-sized double-sided matte paper. Then, transform them into creative three-dimensional figures for your home or office! Sound fun? Here are some origami ideas to help you get started.

Origami fan

Want to keep cool (literally)? Craft your own origami fan! It's a great beginner origami paper craft because it's easy to make. First, you'll need to select a photo to print. Maybe it's a photo of your pup or a photo of a calming landscape. Next, print out your selection onto double-sided matte paper (we recommend letter-sized, but any size works for this origami craft), and get folding! These photo origami fans make great decorations at parties and weddings! 

Origami balloon

For centuries, people in Japan have been using paper to craft delicate balloons. Well, so can you! Simply follow these instructions from Creative Park, with one small change: Instead of printing the patterned practice sheets provided, use a photo! That way you can be sure to end up with a one-of-a-kind origami craft, bound to make a neat gift for a friend.

Origami_In Line.jpg

Origami box

We could all use a little more organization in our homes. Why not fold your own boxes that double as storage and décor? When you use double-sided matte paper to build your boxes, try lining the inside with your favorite images (just print your photos on one side and fold accordingly), so every time you peek into the box, you see your own art. Here’s a pattern from Creative Park to get you started.

Origami heart

Send your friends, folks or partner a love note, crafted with your own two hands! You may be wondering how to make an origami heart. Start by choosing a photo with brilliant hues, and print it out on double-sided matte paper. Then, fold your picture into a beautiful heart, using these directions.  

DIY photo frame

Did you know that you can manufacture a DIY photo frame out of just about anything? One of the easiest ways is to cut out a piece of cardboard to use as a base. Print a few of your favorite photos on double-sided matte paper and wrap them around the cardboard frame to add a personal touch. You can also wrap a wooden or plastic frame, if you have one handy. 

Who knew folding paper could be so easy and fun? And, when you add photos into the mix, these origami crafts double as keepsakes. Share your finished products with friends and family as gifts, or use them as desk and room décor.

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